Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Will the world Die along with all of us?

Tonight I am looking at this physical world as our home which, of course, includes all living beings. It's silly that we divide this world into partisan as countries, which comes along with loads of divisions within the macro to the micro living of all humans. There is much more suffering caused by these divisions then fun, causing wars and inequality based on so many heads doing the same stuff, but in competition. The rules are accustomed to each country governed under individual sovereignty to each head of state, but where is the commonality in that and where is the sense? Look at the state of the oceans, the plastic heaps are amazing, floating 3 miles wide in each part of the world, this has to be governed from each head of state with there own rules and regulations based on the laws that are here. Obviously, the laws/regulations/heads of states are not being effective at all based on the huge evidence piling wide and growing, do we considered this when we make zillions of plastic stuff based on the physical evidence here, I say no. There is no centralized body that is based on principles that stand no matter what but to protect the best interest of all, which is the best interest of life. We've tried with the EPA or UN or WB ect. but that has no power over the sovereignty of the state as we saw with the Iraq war, the rules are blatantly disregarded when winning and profit are the driving motivations.

Life is best and most effective when there is a commonality that applies to all here, each entity, and makes sense within what is practical and most efficient to produce the best outcome possible for all life on this planet. This can not be done based on profit or buddies where the line is easily bent, but must be done in the interest of life, keeping life here protected, safe, healthy, nurtured, able to expand and express, and free as this is what life is so the planet will not get destroyed. Consider what is being done to billions with no money, considered whats being done to nature for the drive for more, and consider yourself within all of it, and ask yourself what would I do if I where suffering like so many are in this moment?

I know what I would do I'd vote for eqaul money because life will always be honored and supported thru the principle of whats best because it is being lived. This is what will change the world, equality lived by each one in the support of all life.

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