Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011 Is our Youth being impulsed to be Imbeciles?

If one watch any movie that is out now or listen to the latest popular songs, one would be amazed at the content of what is being said or shown. This is the music we hear on the radio over and over again, which has a catchy beat, but the words are not anything that resembles words of wisdom and care. Movies with no sense of responsibility to the viewer watching with sex, murder, and making it cool to drink/do drugs posted at least once within the short time frame of it's viewing. The words being spoken now a days by pop icons, whom many young listeners adore and follow, are full of dysfunctional desires and improper messages sent out by these outlets. Why do we talk in ways that cause the denigration of our youth which is our future. Why do we degrade and devalue the act of physicality within the life we are living by polarizing life within beauty, and why do we create drones of sex obsessed people programmed from the mirrored of picture and words being pumped into them thru song and picture that sex is the ultimate of experiences, when it's but a facet of what life is here. There is a serious problem with what we 'like' for entertainment, what we agree as entertainment, and what message is being spread thru the waves of our entertainment mediums. Our livelihoods in the making, are you proud or satisfied of how our youth are currently being pushed and impulsed thru what is popular within music and movies? I am not, that is why I support and am one vote for an equal money system where music and movie will be made in consideration of what is best for all not just to make a buck. Join us if you care about life for our kids and the way life will be in years to come. It is up to us, lets start supporting what is best for all.

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