Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Ads on plates to bail out states

The state of Illinois is hurting for cash so much, they are considering  putting ads on the license plates of cars. First who woulda thunk that a state could be hard for cash/go bankrupt, I mean they get relatively free money from the people who pay taxes, having a chunk of every paycheck go to what needs to be done, so how could they come up with having no money available. Obviously, this question has many facets and many reasons as to why the state of Illinois needs to go to the extent of putting ads on plates, but the basic and one stemming or shall I say stinging point that is glaring but not considered is the greed. Greed, it will all in the end come back to this. Greed needs to be holstered, and stopped within ourselves, so we can create a world where money is not a consideration that one has to worry about. Equal money is the solution, the change starts with each one, research this, and see that it is a greed stopper because everyone is seen as equal and supported within this equality. This system will be built within practicality and common sense considerations for all life that is here. Money being put to best use, which is always best for all, and equal money will guarantee this. As we see more and more states calling for bankruptcy and bail outs,  this will catch up eventually, we will start to see the effects up close and's inevitable, thus to see ourselves and change for real go to website and show your support. Separation is not real - oneness is life in equality as self.

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