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2011 96 What is the beginning of Creation? Whois God really? -HOM Series By Jack

I transcribed a video tonight that gives cool perspective on starting point, and what it means to live in an effective starting point that's best for all. This by Jack, a being thru the portal at Desteni. Enjoy.

96 What is the beginning of Creation? Whois God really? 

Gidday, this is Jack speaking, and I am speaking about starting point, the starting point. So let’s take it from the greater before we go to the smaller. From the greater perspective, what has been the starting point of creation? Separation. If you look at anu’s involvement in creation, he created the white light separate from him. He created mankind separate from him. He created this entire consciousness existence separate from him. In other words, his creation starting point was of separation, which is now referred to as consciousness existence based on ones starting point, separation. Now interesting thing, recently our starting point has changed, two years ago, more then two years ago, our starting point has changed. So, if your starting point change then everything change. Therefore the process is about the starting point, what is your starting point, where are you applying yourself, where are you living from, where are you expressing yourself from, what is your starting point because whatever your starting point is in any moment of action, expression, or experience, you will manifest that, and you will experience that starting point because we all create, every moment we create. So what you create is dependent on your starting point, and what you’ll experience of that creation is dependent on your starting point. Lets have a look at science for instance, you know, human beings who have a certain analogy of science, of this existence, of what it consists of, because of the starting point of existence, which is consciousness manifested as the mind consciousness system. If, have a look this whole existence, all the human beings and dimensional beings starting points was of consciousness existence manifested as a mind consciousness system because of separation. Within each and every single being in existence, the starting point was separation, and therefore the mind consciousness system manifested as that separation of the starting point that we accepted and allowed. Now, changing the starting point to self, everything change, because our starting point initially was of mind consciousness system manifestation separate from ourselves in separation, and therefore we manifested separation. Have a look at this world, have a look at this universe, existence, and we all participated in it therefore we are all responsible. Therefore I say, what two years ago or more then two years ago, the starting point within the dimensions changed because why, what did we remove, we removed the white light system, completely of existence. With the white light system what else went, the soul construct, the astral planes, the dimensional planes, the angels, the masters, the gods, the goddess, all construct of the white light gone. Therefore our starting point has to change that supported our starting point, which is of separation, which is of basic separation everything is obvious, it’s here, that our starting point in existence has been separation. So change your starting point to self to the expression as who you are as life, what happens what do you manifest, what do you experience, you experience yourself, you experience life. Lets say we change the starting point to heaven as earth, here, as ourselves in every moment, that is what we express, that is who we are, heaven as earth. We manifest that as heaven as earth in this world, simple, the most simplest of realizations in existence. So if each one in existence changed there starting point to oneness and equality, were each human being and dimensional being starting point is oneness and equality in every single moment of expression, what do we manifest, oneness and equality. Because why, we create that which we express that which we manifest, and that which we experience. We are creators. we already that, though, we haven’t been responsible ones I’d say, lords (<??) didn’t understand the creation, but that’s also a lie, we do very much understand creation, we just don’t want to go there because we realize what a fuck up we’ve created and now we try and hide from it, but your not able to because you know why? We’ve realized in terms of removing the white light and all of the constructs in heaven that have supported our starting point that was of separation, it’s not able to support us any longer. So our starting point has to change, and therefore human beings starting point has to change because they realize that the previous starting point of separation is not being supported by anything of there world because theres no relationship anymore. Your starting point of separation, there’s not a relationship to that for that which is manifested in this world. Therefore it won’t work, and you’ll start trying to re-create it, oh yeah, well within that you’ll start fucking yourself even more, and that is what we tried to do in the dimensions. Please, we tried to re-create everything again because we realized, shit, everything that has ever supported us or everything that we have ever done is not here anymore, we’ve got to do it ourselves. You know it’s the same with our access here with of a system, with of a construct, now it’s changed to we have to do it ourselves, and this is an entirely different story because now you can’t just do it at one point, you can’t just go “now I’ll just manifest.” No! impossible. You have to stand as all as one as equal taking everything into consideration in existence, past, present, future, whatever, all of you, before you are able to manifest here, and it’s a different story. Do you see what I am saying? Previously, it was just simple, you know mind projections, whatever, now we are not able to do that because we have to do it as ourselves. So human beings, we are in the same boat as you, what is that boat? That boat is to have your starting point be as all as one as equal before you’ll have access to yourself. Our access to self is the realization of ourselves as all as one, and the manifestation there of is our access here to earth specifically. Where your access is the experience of yourself in your world, that’s your guideline, that is where you see where your starting point is effective. Ok, so this is Jack, just an overview on starting point. Thank you very much.


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