Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Why we shave our heads? Anti Hate

Allot of people say that in desteni we are forced to do stuff against our wills like shave our heads, not able to express openly, fear the end of the world, ect. But what is actually being done is a group standing up for life by realizing that no one else will stand if I don't and I am responsibility for what is here. We shave our heads to show we are not a slave to this system as the beauty system believing we have to look a certain way to be valid or have power. Also, to stop the absolute suffering and disregard to the beings that are being effected by the testing, manufacturing, runoff, and waste that these billions of products are causing each day. The water table is getting poisoned due to our desire to be beautiful or look a certain way for another.

I am someone who has very much existed within the beauty system believing and desiring to be pretty and perfect for others, but this came to only hardship and confusion. I have realized I must take responsibility for how I have accepted myself to exist here, killing life to uplift my self interest ego by participating in the beauty system in any way. It is unacceptable. This is going to have to be faced by each one and walk the process of self forgiveness and self honesty to thus purify ourselves from the reechoed beings we have become. I have become an abusive, disregarding being, who was only interested in my own desires, hopes, fears, and addictions. I stop here and til here no further accept and allow abuse to life as i realize this is all here as me, we all suffer and we all will have to face who we are here. We're in for a tough road, make it a bit easier by supporting equal money, and the desteni i process where one is supported and assisted equal and one as life for the betterment of all for real.

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