Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Equality is the only way forward..

Equality is the only way forward because it is the only real solution. This is so because in any point of life that one can come up with, that one can imagine, there is a being that express there. Even if it is a cup, which holds as an object within this reality not to be seen as an equivalent to other life forms such as human, animal, or tree, but seen as less important. But if one allow oneself to look at the cup within the matter of what is here as the physical, it has equal importance to everything else that is here because it is a cup, it's here, it expresses itself as a cup, which helps hold liquid for the greater world. It has experiences and is aware of itself (view desteniproductions for more perspective), it holds different liquids, some hot, some cold, some with ice, some with honey, some bubbly, some with pulp, many different life experiences this cup is living within and as it's expression as a cup throughout the time and space that it is here. This also can be said for any being that is here, a horse, a bug, a trash bag, a child, ect. we all are here in the most practical and physical way as beings expressing themselves as how we are living. This is why I am standing for equality for not just humans but all beings so judgment stops of life and all are free to just express and be able to live together as equals no matter who/what/where you are, we are equal because we are here.

The solution for this world can not just include the humans, but must include all that is alive and expressing themselves here. This being the only way to create a sense of peace because once this is understood and realized as yourself within and as equality to all, life will outflow within a peaceful way because we will see each other in the same light as all other beings and be familiar, stopping the fear and just being calm. From this we will have respect and care as we would for our own selves because we see ourselves in the other. Its really simple stuff, but its a point where one must face themselves and stop the ego = survival from desiring to be better or more, which in turn will always cause the opposite to manifest, and thus the conflict and turmoil of life will continue because we are creating it that way. We are essentially fighting with ourselves, warring ourselves due to our alternate egos wanting to win. Why is it in an alternate dimension this ego because it is not real, but from the mind, which we simply made up and can be as easily let go. To manifest the solution as equality to bring peace to this earth, we must live the equality within ourselves here to all living expressions that is here on this physical planet because we are all equal within and as the life being expressed and we all matter.

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