Friday, July 1, 2011

2011 Do we have Free will in world that's dying?

My moms on a cult forum in a specific topic that is about desteni, I was reading from the thread tonight, and her latest post I would like to discuss here. This point of free will I would like to address what she brings up,

 "I have a free conscious. I don't have to do a thing, or I can. This is the part desteni cult member seem to miss. God gave us a free will. Your CHOICE to believe or not believe."

 Free choice is a point of self interest due to the fact that one do not want to go all the way and create a world where there is actual peace, suffering actually ends,  and life becomes joyful for all. This basically being toted because one do not want to take responsibility for themselves and walk the change that is necessary to end abuse, which is ending the abuse within ourselves. (See for more info) Claiming that I have free will to help or not, while half the world is suffering, wars are being perpetuated, children are starving, getting sold in slavery, kidnapped for sex, the list of atrocities could go on for a while is unacceptable and should not exist because it’s not what anyone would want for themselves. Those that claim this will never happen, equality for all life and humans will never change, are being deceptive and are in self interest again because they do not want to change and give up stuff based on there fear they are accepting to only live to survive. This is not living.

This point of what and how this is going to be done is common sense, the way is equality for all and by all completely and throughout the entire system that is facilitating this world.  Being equals in fact, living this is what all in desteni stand for because it is the solution = equality in every way based on the realization that all life is one. Giving everyone a fair share to live in dignity is the standard for the new system we are proposing, this being done by equalizing all money for all beings because money makes life move and every being on this planet needs it to live. We are not interested in buying into or holding people's hands claiming that all have a choice to do or not do because it's there free will. Until equality is established for all, choice does not exist to do or not, this is coming down to critical point, people are living horribly because some want there free choice to do nothing, but only being ok for themselves, fuck that.

What is common and makes sense is creating a system that supports everyone and allows everyone the dignity to live and be sustained because this is a human right placed for all who are residing on this planet. We are not interested in walk for hunger, building houses for the 'less fortunate', donating clothes for kids in this is unacceptable as this is accepting and allowing that these things are ok, they are valid, and thus we are allowing them to exist thru this acceptance and participation in these types of 'charities', these points being in existent shows the fuckedupness of the human race.

Free will is not real as we refer to it in this current system based on the fact that it is not actually for humans to be in freedom and able to have the ability to will themselves to do what they enjoy, but it is used by humans based on fear because they don't want to give up there security/survival and losing themselves within the grips of the current system. God does not exist because we do not live godly here, we are god, we are here, we are accepting this horror to be here. God is another escape for those who do not want to take responsibility and change themselves so all can live here in dignity. Whatever that takes is what is necessary to be done, any other option, any other opinion, any other solution that is not inclusive and consider the best outcome for all beings in equality is unacceptable and will not be entertained by those standing up for Life. Only real change by changing the system with a system based on the equality of each being and the oneness of all as life is valid because all life deserve this. This is all that matters, we will change the world, no god will come and save us, it is time we save ourselves.

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