Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Process Support - Dreams

I have been having dreams lately of sex and being with men, I have not been with a man or sexually active in a few months now. This is like a pattern that I am seeing when I go without sex for a few months, but have not gone more then 4-5 months without any sex since starting process as I have been in an agreement. I have been doing the six months of no sexual contact with myself nor a partner, and I have noticed after about two months my mind will start playing over these dreams where I will have some sort of sexual contact in them, I am gonna start to write them down when I get up because I can't remember any specifics at the moment. But this pattern has emerged, I am stopping this as it has cycled a few times now, where I am stopping all sexual needs, desires, urge, attration, physical contact thru will as self honesty and self forgiveness. I am on month two of this and will go until the dreams, urges, desires for sexual contact/fulfillment subsides. I am also doing this with sugar and sleep as these are two other great desires I feed into alot, so allot of application and self will to be continually applied to equalize myself with who I am here as life one and equal as the physical, stopping my mind as desires and thoughts, which is cool as it's best for all.

Desteni Site for more on process stopping desires as the mind

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