Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Stop the Killing of the Innocent

A boy in new york for the first time was allowed to walk to and from camp by himself. His mom was hesitant due to it being his first time and he was young, but allowed him to go on his own. He got lost on his way home and asked those around for directions. Then Levi Aron came along eventually ending this boys life.

What causes someone to go against another beings will, one who is innocent and vulnerable being a child, and take him to a place unknown, secret, and disorienting. Why do people cause abuse and murder towards children who are the innocence of ourselves. One reason is the fucked up mind bubble realities that the human being is existing as not considering or being aware of any other life around them just only to get there self satisfaction fulfilled no matter who is abused, suffers and dies in the process. The mind is powerful and if not directed will bring humanity to place no one wants to go to. We can not blame the mind, we have accepted and allowed ourselves to live as demonic monsters towards each other, animals, nature, the youth, every facet of this world is touched by the human monster and devastated within its path. We all realize and see what it is to hurt another or cause suffering because we are one with the other in that suffering, we all suffer.  We allow and accept the innocence of this life to be snuffed out due to humans not controlling themselves and stopping the mind of desires, and not caring for the other based on self interest.

There is also the aspect of those who are dealing with these demons having this pent up emotional turmoil within and having no outlet or tools to deal with these forces that lie under the surface. This  causing massive amounts of devastation here within our world because we are living out our demons in reality without realizing and understanding that we have in fact created them through thoughts, words, and deeds and now have to take responsibility for them and face the consequences of living out these thoughts, words and deeds equal and one to what we have participated in. Every being will face themselves. We have to accept these demons within, walk the corrective path of self honesty and self forgiveness to transcend these points that were created by us, and live these changes to not allow any further abuse of any beings  within our world forevermore, it is unacceptable on every level.

There is no reason a boy has to be snatched up and have the life taken from him due to someone who is unwilling to face themselves or unaware of how to. We have created monster within this world, these horrors that people are living everyday is getting more intense and more barbaric as the days go on. This has to be addressed on a systematic level, and bring about solutions and healing to those that are willing to change, there is help out there and its thru self corrective tools. A program that is called desteniiprocess has been created so humans can face themselves, the demons within, starting to understand the nature of the human mind and how it works, and how to change oneself thru simple tools that can be done anywhere where one have the will. 

Check out to stop the demons within and become trustworthy and kind to man.

Check out for systematic change that is best for all beings on this earth.

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