Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 Lets Die and Go to Paradise where Life is Everlasting = WTF?

This point of death being the gateway to everlasting life seems counter productive, how can we live forever if we are dead, why must we leave this earth where life is and go to heaven beyond death to really be alive, and why do I not know this place called heaven, why is it so secret? Heaven that religions use as an elixir for the human to follow there way without any point of understanding and change to support life that makes sense is very warped because it's unfounded and intangible. No one really knows what goes on beyond the grave, there is no guide or manual to what it is like, that being said, it is quite illogical to call death everlasting life in heaven because life do not die and go anywhere else, life is here in the physical world where we can see, touch, and move within it. For purpose of this point lets say 'heaven is real', why do we not just live in heaven then, what is the point of all of us here in this world, what is the point to all this suffering. Seems like a bad joke.

We as humanity have created life in such a way that we only except that death is inevitable, and we allow ourselves to be petrified in each moment because of this inevitability. Using heaven as a make believe escape for humans to cope with the inevitability of our conclusions on death, that it is to be feared. But not considering the common sense within the physical and what we live within and as our words and deeds, this being the true heaven that has always been here thru and willed by us, life, we must create heaven on earth. We miss this tho because we have been blinded by this fear and lust for more. So we never question the existence of death, why death has come to this world and sucked the breath right out of our bodies, why we get diseased and how this develops, and why we are consumed and blinded by fearing death. The best way to transcend death is to understand why it exist and why it is here.

I have found for myself that death is what it is, although life is subject to death in the physical in this moment, life is not bond to death and within it can be transformed to life again. As the physical dictates, when a tree falls to the ground from rot it becomes nutrients for the soil which grows more trees, plants, and natural growth, so within the death comes life. Death rejuvenating life and allowing life to exist. So it depends on the life that is here in the physical that matters as indeed it is the matter that exist, and the matter that lives forever.

Do we live in a world affirming the everlasting quality that is life itself or do we continue to exist in a world delusional making fictitious beliefs of everlasting bliss to control the masses and send people to their graves with a huge surprise on the other side. The huge surprise being that there is no escape, this world will be sorted out with or without us, back to the equilibrium of life, all will be faced to sort themselves out within and as the existence of this world equal and one to how you lived, we will face ALL of who we are. This also able to be faced in life here as breath within the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness and corrective change of self to exist and align with the physical as life equal and one for what is best for all. This to end the ego of man as mind in self interest to gain more then lifes fair share, this being unacceptable within the physical because the physical support the all within the individual. 

Check out the desteni site, where life and death meet and speak through a girl.....fascinating encounters and be ware it might wake you up from your slumber....enjoy and fear not 'I' am here, breath.

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