Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 Could You Live Without Money?

Everything in this existence comes down to money, there is not one point in this world where one can live without money without it being really tough and really restricting within movement and growth in one's life. There is a really cool video I heard recently from Matti Freeman, a fellow Destonian, called Equal Money for Dummies- Reloaded and he spoke of an analogy of money and people to fish in a salt water tank. Basically stating that fish need salt to live, so why would anyone make the fish work for the salt, struggle to get the salt, and die if the salt was not available to them, when all the while the livelihood of the fish depends on the salt. No one would not give the salt to the fish based on the obviousness of the need of the salt for the fish to live, and we all realize life is essential based on our will to live within ourselves, all realize life is what is important. So those that don't give the salt, do it deliberately and in full knowledge that it is essential for survival of the salt water fish to live.

This was a cool analogy and brought the need for the equal money implementation down to simple terms and it being imperative based on the fact that people are systematically being murder based on not having the means to stay alive, the means of course is money. Money is the salt in this current world system, but we create the system in a way, where it's like a game and you either have to get lucky by being born into it or gain it in some kind of fluck one and a billion chance. If you are the unlucky 80% of humanity never-mind the rest of life (nature, animals, oceans, ect), you are in the struggle for your life in trying to keep afloat to make it and sustain it for yourself and however is connected to you. If you look at the facts, the real stories going on in our world it's so fucked up, I mean we have continents where people are literally withering away and dying based on not being able to eat because they don't have money to buy a home, pay for water, buy cooking utensils, and buy  food to nourish there physical bodies. This having to be sustained on a continual basis, there is no education for them, no opportunity to get a job, no real infrastructure to create any movement in this direction meaning a very hard and painful life.

As a child I didn't ever consider what the implications of this actually was, how I would feel if this was me, or considering the suffering that is actually going on here, I had no care because I was too busy desiring the next sweet, the next game, the next fun, not understanding that my fun was the death of another child just like me. This child happened to be born in a family with no connections, no wealth, no opportunities, and no hope because the world sees this, knows full well this is happening, but still except the system as is with no cause for complaint because all are petrified of losing what is theirs and living that same fate as them suffering. This unfortunately is the cause of this manifesting, the separation of life we have accepted and allowed within this world, within our countries, and within ourselves that is causing the hardship and real murder of billions of people over the centuries to only look out for one's own self interest.

I have grown up now and realized the harsh way's of this current system and how people, animals, nature, and life is being disregarded and degraded because there is this greed and frenzy to have the most money no matter if one goes without. The system is completely based on greed and corruption, and needs to be done over. Listen to the budget votes going on here in America, this validating the statement I just made, wanting the rich to stay rich and give tax breaks, while the cuts go to the care of those who need it.

This is why I am voting for an equal money system so life can be fair, can be able to be lived by all in all ways, and can be able to expand upon in dignity and real exploration of ourselves as beings living not just trying to make it. This where we can enjoy each other and ourselves as beings, it's such a cool world, an amazing earth and nature, and so many fascinating people here, what are we waiting for? It's time we give all the ability to share and express the coolness that is us as life, this is what every being yearn for anyway, the expression of life in real freedom, this world can change, it is possible, money is the avenue which we decide. If one suffer we all suffer, this is a fact, look at our world, it's not going to get better til equality and respect is here for all. Humans can change, I have thru being self honest and walking and willing a process to change.

Join equality-


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