Friday, July 8, 2011

2011 Walking with Patiences

Patience for me has always been a struggle to practice, and yes it was a virtue that I needed to practice. I find with the desteni process I am walking I have become more patient with myself and all life around me. This is something that develops naturally within this process because the walk in self honesty takes much patients as it accumulates over time, it's not a quick fix. I in the beginning wanted to have the quick fix trying to get the points done as fast as possible, but within this I lost myself as I inevitable went into my head cutting corners, watching time, reacting to expectations, and allowing emotions. So within this impatient walk to patients many points have come up, which is cool and helpful for expansion.

Eventually, I learned that I have to slow down, stopping this rush to do and get places quickly, and manipulating to get what's mine in quick time. Fascinatingly enough, a surprising support I have found has been driving back and forth from place to place in my car, this I have gained much awareness in myself in terms of patience as you have to be quite present and calm to drive properly, this state taking patience. Driving being a cool gauge as I can check and see if I am going in my head reacting to others, like if someone cuts me off or something of that nature, I apply the self forgiveness where necessary, working to transcend this rush to get nowhere fast. Lots of self forgiveness in the car, which has been awesome. Patience it is a point I am working to integrate and live as me as I as this world will indeed need patience's and care to sort out what has been created. Cool tools to live by patience and care for self as life.

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