Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 Lets Bring the Passion back to Life

When realizing about the equal money system that many are speaking about, I have seen a point that will be able to be expanded upon when all have equal opportunity to live because they have equal opportunity to money. This point is expression as self. Each being in this reality has something they enjoy doing, their passionate about doing...lately my passion has been my process of standing up for life by standing up within myself and stopping my mind = ego. Other then that, I enjoy being physical whether it be skiing, playing hockey, running, or building/fixing something, I like to move and solve problems. Other people have things that are different from me that they enjoy such as art, music, dancing, doing comedy, farming, countless expressions, but we all have points that we enjoy. Not to say that we are limited to these points, but these are what come naturally to self and simply what we like to do.

Within an equal money system all will be able to do what there passionate about as well as have the opportunity to expand into other fields because we have the basic support and will be able to support ourselves to have free time to actually start to live and enjoy what we are doing. Many including myself do not like struggling, working 40+ hours a week, living paycheck to paycheck,  worrying about what is going to happen next, and having to make unnecessary sacrifices like not going to dentist or doctor because we can't afford it. All these point are simple not necessary, everyone can and will in an equal money system have the opportunity to be free and live life as joy. This is right here in our midst, the only way we will see it manifest is by our own will, it's common sense, no being can have and hoard more then there fair share. Give all freely and give all equally at Join us today...we welcome you.

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