Friday, July 15, 2011

2011 The Horror of this System

Within this world there are many different points where fear can set in, the violence, the abuse, the loss, the unknown, the wars, the guns, the bombs, the theft, all that one wish will never come to them. But within each moment these pains are multiplied countless times to countless beings and each time a horror is being lived; this is the way our world runs. Why do we create such a world? Why do we create such suffering knowing full well one would not want this for oneself? Why do we create such circumstances where this fear grows and consume the beings of this planet? We need to look at ourselves for some clarity. We are the deciders of this reality, we are the life within this world, consider the life thats lived by and within all and bring it back to self, who am I? The answer is here = equality for all, stop denying it, embrace it and lets get this done.

The answer to the horror of this current system......  <----get involved.

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