Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Politics at it's Finest...Equal Money System is the Solution

I just heard an advertisement on the tube for a presidential runner running in 2012, Jon Huntsman, he is a conservative and within the commercial he made sure he zoned in on this fact saying it over and over again within the commercial, he said conservative about 4 or 5 times in a 60 second commercial making sure that we all knew that he will be more conservative then Gingrich. This being the 'new' power point based on the conservative movement slogans starting with bush, and there effective wheedling in early 2000 that kept him in power.

This to me epitomize the political arena in this country as well as many other countries with the same type of political sloganeering that they can convey to the public with pretty words and pretty pictures, but do nothing of what is said in there sloganeering for real to help those that helped them get into office. They say the same words every election cycle, I'll bring change, I'll be more conservative with money, I will help the poor, I will end corruption, ect, but the situation on this planet is only getting worse where money is tightening, people are losing their jobs, war on the brink, and no real change for the better is happening on a serious and substancial scale, which is needed within the mess that is current. People are feeling more desperate and fearful of what the future actually holds, and we can all feel the stress on the natural resources as we see the planet getting used up like an infinite provider for the human consumption desire. This being a huge mistake that is so obvious it is quite scary the impact we will have when this is said and done to the balance of the only planet that gives us life which will be if we don't change, a life ender.

It's crazy, we as society just accept this non-sense coming from those we put in power to lead our country and our world with billions of dollars at there disposable, but we don't do anything to stop or change the conditions of what is here, we accept wars and conflicts which billions get pumped into annually, but 15000 children starving to death a day is not seen nor even considered on a national scale or global for actual, real resolution. These copy cat commercials every year we hear, and the promises of change and better conditions, but it's not ever going to be possible if we stay within this type of absolute manipulation and advantage taking of those with the power. We are all responsible for what has manifested on this earth, a dog eat dog world, no care for the betterment of our fellow beings, abuse of animals and people alike like they are objects to be used at the elites disposable, I mean I could go on, it's really sick stuff what's actually, really happening in the lives of people in all parts of our world. We have the chance though here within ourselves as we direct and control who we are, this to actually live the change and be the change, through being self honest, changing ourselves with self forgiveness, and living the change in our worlds and pushing this change in the greater world with an equality system.

This is not acceptable the way of this world, while there is half the population living in dyer conditions and people are suffering brutality.  I saw a documentary where it stated that we could equalize the 'third' world countries, who are paying the IMF and World Bank $25,000 dollars a minute, where tomorrow with no more then 100 billion dollars, which is less then 15% of the US military budget in one year, could create stability for them. We are accepting and allowing the desperation of billions, while we play games and allow these politicians to lie to our faces and squander the money on bail outs and lining the pockets of there cronies where it is a fact that the 1% richest in the world gained more this year while everyone else either lost or stayed the same within wealth.

Enough is enough, if you see the hypocrisy within this current capitalism system and the political mechanism that govern everyones lives, be a vote for equality, where we will put in place those who are honest, those who are seeking to create the best world for all possible, those who want to create equal standards and decency for all beings on this planet no matter who you are or where you live, life is what matters in this world, not money, not profit, not material goods, we as the life living is what matters, and equal money system will give life to all equal and one to self. Those who walk as one vote for world equality understand and stand for the principle that in truth governs all things and that is the oneness and equality of all life, we are responsible for what is here, and as Jesus once said, we will all reap what we sow, so lets create a world where all can live and where money is a support for all life not a decider of who lives and who dies.  Lets create a world that is truly best for all by living as the creation of ourselves to the best possible outcome of all that we would want for ourselves, then all are stable and life can be free and not fucked as it is now because some don't have acces to be able to live and in this current world that is thru having access to mONEy.

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