Friday, January 6, 2012

2012: Will I ascend when others lay dying?

In this ascension that is to come in 2012, where the world is going to end where we will be brought to our great awakening according to the 'gurus' and 'enlightened beings' of this world, where they preach that we will be aligned with the universe and rise to the higher density to become our true light being selves. But I have some questions to place some common sense in these hopes and dreams of the 2012 enthusiasts, does this go for those who are dying from hunger and malnutrition, those who starve in the streets, those who lay ill in their beds, those under the moon on the streets with no where to go, those who work 20 hours a day and make barely enough to put food in there mouths, those who are being physical, mentally, sexually abused, what does this ascension have in store for these people? Will they be apart of it? With no education are they able to ascend?

What about the animals who are being slaughtered or going to be? what about the animals in the testing table waiting to have chemicals pumped into their eyes? What about the trees getting ready to be cut down that are over 1000 years old? Do trees that are a 1000 years old get to be ascended, if considering the wisdom in age, they being the wisest of us all I would say. It'll be interesting to see because the fact that we strive so much to be enlightened and these higher beings, but within the reality of where we live and breath, we allow this to occur where the atrocities far out number the actual 'enlightened' and 'advanced' ways we have created life here, it's not a fun or cool place at all for many, many beings.

Don't be a dope, the whole 2012 ascension, alignment craze is just that, a craze, those that believe it will occur are in self interest trying to save their own asses, the fact that millions of dollars has been pumped into this within the spiritual and esoteric realms as well as the movies and hollywood type fields is typical of humanity, and says allot about the lucrative endeavors one can gain from going into any profiteering business. Those in it are in it to make money, they have not in fact created any kind of solution for humanity and this world in which they claim as nothing here has changed, but rather made people have another distraction outlet within the entertainment pseudo-cultural field to escape from the reality of what we live day in and day out, war, poverty, fear, encroaching government bodies, loss of freedoms and rights, ect. This all just a distraction for us from the real and absolute evilness (evil=live backwards, ever considered this?) that is occurring right here in front of our eyes.

Wake up! a change is drastically needed here, 2012 will be another year like any other, so suggest to not get caught up in the hype and craze of the media show, but support a cause that will end all illusion and create heaven on earth, here in practical consideration of all where all will be seen and consider for who they are, life, nothing more nothing less, this with the equal money system. Equality is the only way forward for life to be in joy, any other way that does't consider and practically support ever living being on this planet is a distraction and will end in destruction. Look into desteni if you hear what I am saying and you are ready to face yourself and stand up for a world best for all life equal to and one with what you would want for yourself.

What the FAQ is an Equal Money System Book Available for more on this new System I write about.


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