Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Guns, will we be able to live without them?

There was a story I read about the record number of guns bought in America in 2011. In the article, they stated that it was due to fear of criminal activity being heightened due to the economic downturn. Also, the laws being tightened under Obama due to the unnecessary incidents with personal gun ownership and the call to curtail such laws to be more strict.

This is interesting based on the fact that we are in complete fear of ourselves and the future, understandable so, with all the fear mongering off the current media outlets with horror stories being on our TVs every night. It would be smart to get some protection due to the fact that people are becoming desperate and with no money and no opportunity increasing due to the economic collapse that is busy happening, the crime rate will go up.

Obviously, the point of a gun is to cause harm, whether it be for protection or for sport, but it kills more often then not. We as a society have perpetuated this type of mentality and activity due to the barbaric nature we have created by making people struggle to survive with the resources needed to live being very difficult to get on a regular basis, and only able to be sustained by a few who were lucky to be born in to money enough to sustain life for one small group called family. The hunting as sport is unacceptable and will be eliminated within an equal money system, this done for ego boosting as we see with the trophy heads hanging on the walls of the participants homes, animals are life and are not a game for the humans pleasures and thrills.

Some points within the equal money system that will help eliminate fear will be transparency. All will be known and all will be seen as the whole system will be done in this way, nothing will be hidden and in secret based on the fact that it doesn't need to be, we all are here and all part of the group that is to create this system, so we will all be a part of it and interacting within and as it to optimize to the best that we can be and we can create our system as our living facilitator to be. This an important point as the secrecy now a days leaves open opportunity for corruption and misgivings in the political arena, and is more often then not used to deceive the public,where much wheedling and dealings are done behind closed doors and not in the interest of all. The transparency will also give a sense of relief because we will know what is going on and will not be pliable to fear mongering any longer as will not be necessary because we will see all here as ourselves, so all beings that live will be familiar and a sense of unity will develop.

Also, this system will be derived from equality
within all life on a real and sustainable foundation basis through giving all the basic needs to live, food stipends, housing, electricity, water, health care, everything that one would need to live in decency. One may say this can't be possible, but if you have a look at within this moment the amount of money alone being spent on military endeavors over a ten year period, the money flow is staggering. There would be billions opened up in that area alone to create and allocate to ventures that will support all life. With profit being out of the equation, life will start to develop in supportive and incredible ways, we will use our resources for actual life living in what matters and what truly will bring the best outcome for all as money will be valued equal to life, no more will we gain over another to have more, life will be in balance and all will go without needs as everything will be available for all to use and enjoy.

This new equality system will facilitate life lived in absolute pleasure as life will be secure, life will be open and seen in all facets, life will be without profit and desire for more, life will be without need, life will be here for all to enjoy and all to be supported with. The life that we all dream of is possible through the principles of equality and oneness, being self honest, changing ourselves to live new in a way that support all life, we are the solution within ourselves, within this world, we can change our destiny, all it takes is your self will to push yourself to change and stand up for a life best for everyone, so we will not need guns as protection, but live in true heaven on earth because we created it to be this way, we willed it here.

Make 2012 the will for a new beginning, a new system that will support all equally to how you would want to be is the place to start.

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  1. Hmm. There's a problem with your premise.
    It seems that 2011 had a record LOW of homicides. One could attribute that to the fact that folks had so little money, it wasn't worth defending when confronted by a thief with a gun...