Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012: Love and Light is this a Solution or is there another way?

Within growing up and learning about myself, this world, and the creations as we see within religion and esoteric ventures, it was quite a great quest for myself to get through all that is out there, to read all the books on enlightenment, go to all the talks and hear all the speeches that all the famous gurus shared, but one statement has stopped me in my tracks. This statement being, 'why do all this love and light teachings not feed the starvation and destitute within this world?' How can we as a people preach love and light and enlightenment when one being never-mind billions of beings goes without food and nourishment for there bodies as this is beyond obviousness that this is needed for our physical bodies to stay alive. We as a race are not any type of enlightened or advanced race, we can not even give the simplest of necessities to all life when we have been given more then enough to get this done. We are more a barbaric and ruthless group of beings, who hoard on each other, steal and enslave each other and hurt and cause suffering to the weakest among us. We are not deserving of what is advanced as we do not see the common sense of the hell that is here, and we are not willing to change ourselves so all can live.

There is a solution of course and this is within equality, living this as yourself and slowly but surely living this within our worlds, this allowing and showing others as an example within your own living how to treat others as you would want to be treated, and live as another caring and assisting when necessary, and this not just one or two times within your day, week, month, but the living expression of you, all the time, no thought, but just who you are. Living as life in freedom and giving all you touch the freedom to live as you would like. This takes practice and a self commitment, so it requires a point of consideration of what this really imply and what this will take, but as one start to walk it, it becomes easier as the realizations helps you through the tough times and you expand as you push yourself within your living as this principle of equality and oneness as what life really is about, unity and freedom for all.

This is being walked by many through a process of self forgiveness and self honesty to show ourselves who we are through self introspection specifically and in depth, and changing ourselves in each moment to live this realization of being equal and one to all. It is a matter of will, do you have the will to change to a being that is benevolent, is not in self interest, do not harm or hurt even in thought, this is a process and a living daily dedication, it will not be done over night, but it is worth it for a world we would all like to live in and our children to inherent that is not full of destruction, but a new direction and a new world that truly is best for all. In equality with all life no matter who or what one express as (obviously abuse will not be tolerated) and becoming a real being here in this expression that emerge as self start living equality as a statement of who one is is the key to this existence we all see we could be, peaceful and in joy of life and living day to day. 

In 2012, instead of wasting time on a hope of an ascension stopping the deception that love and light energy will do anything that is practical and will bring about some sort of solution, which we have walked this for some time now and nothing has changed, but only has gotten worse, walk with those who are for real pushing for an actual solution that will in fact support all life on this planet through a system that practically will walk this support for each one. We, in essence, each one of us is deciding our fate in each breath, so suggested to make your breaths count for something worthwhile. Join Equality, Join Desteni we're we walk this, we live this, we are this as we will it as ourselves for all life in true freedom. Equal money system being the real solution for a new beginning here in the beginning of a new year and a new opportunity for humanity to get this done. 



  1. really cool perspectives, thanks for sharing!

  2. yep cool insight - it is clear that 'love' and 'light' are not real effective, practical solutions for the actual real problem this world faces, they are excuses to make us feel good about ourselves and the world, when in reality there is nothing to feel good about. Time to fix that which drives us to look for this 'love' and 'light' experience in the first place - which is the Human Reality as the Monetary system that we have all allowed to exist. Time for Equal Money.