Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Learning the Importance of Consistency

Recently within walking my process of self realization as here as physical presence, I have started to see the importance of consistency within what I walk and live as I express myself though-out my day. I have in the past programmed myself to only seek out that which I desire to do, such as watch a movie I like or play sports rather then do the term paper that was due at the end of the week. Riding the wave of self indulgence through doing as little actual physical consistant work as possible necessary to get to a degree where I am self sufficient and self learned. I resisted school greatly because I was rarely stimulated, I was much more of a physical being meaning I like to move around and do stuff, sitting at a desk for 8 hours learning about things that put me to sleep usually based on the repetitive nature of the material, I lost interest quite quickly, it was like a chore getting 'boring work' done throughout the years. (Exploring Educational Development in an EMS to Follow).

Later on in school, I got into drugs, alcohol, and sex, this added to the multitude of sports I played which gave me a constant stream of stimulus and distraction to getting out of doing any real work that took time and patiences to complete, such as school work, this being a recipe for laxness and not doing anything worthwhile in becoming someone I was proud of in terms of creating myself in whatever it is that I was doing. These 'fun' times lay dormant when I walked into the halls at school, so studying and pushing myself to sit down and work has been a struggle for me based on the addiction I have created to things that stimulate me which shows in my patterns throughout my life. Funny as one of my jobs now is a desk job, the work consists of repetitive writing, editing, billing, and other administration duties, which I would label as 'boring' type work. This job though, is a cool point I use to walk consistency within, and to see where I require pushing myself to become more diligent and disciplined within work that require to be done regardless of any self interest desire/need/want. This work being opposite to what I would 'like' to be doing, but necessary to be done to keep the business moving and me stable here as well as all others within the company. So cool points I walk through at work in terms of boredom, getting necessary work done even though there is no reward/stimulant, and working for the best of the group regardless of my emotions, thoughts, feelings about it, stopping those, and pushing to do what is best for all.

Within my process, I have learned and realized that the physical is not just to have fun and play games in, but is required to be diligent within and have patience and consistency within whatever it is that you are doing. If I do not fully engage myself into whatever it is that I am doing, studying the different angles, becoming aware of different perspectives within a number of different resources, or reasoning within myself what the whole 'subject' I am studying is about, I will miss out and my end result will not be the best of my ability. This because I did not put in the full effort and concentration to get the absolute best I could produce in any given expression done as I did not want to do it, this being invalid as it is based in self interest and not self honesty, which is unacceptable when living for the best of all principle

I have been starting to walk and push myself more within this as I have many projects going on where I need to be diligent as well as put the best input in to get the best outcome possible to thus create the best of what is here for all to enjoy, share, and express within as well as the joy of creating myself in all that I do. This I am learning and have proven within my process that I am much more then I 'thought' I was and basically capable of anything that I set myself to accomplish, it takes self will and self consistency, but through the tools shared the path is set and able to be walked to become 'self-perfected'. It's quite a fun walk as well as challenging, but this to get the result of who I have become has been worth all the 'hard' times as well as living wisdom to expand myself more and push myself more to become the best being I can be. Plus, there is much work to be done to have this world be a place worth living in where children can be safe, so these qualities of consistency, becoming the best of our ability through  being diligent and discilpened, and producing worth within and as self is necessary to explore, practice, and push within living life as we do so we can create the best of life here as we walk it as ourselves. Logic is best input in = best input out, 1+1=2.

In an equal money system, this will be more easily able to be lived here as survival will be a thing of the 'past' and we will be stable within our worlds as money no longer will be an issue, life being what matters and lived in equality. This giving us the 'time' and resources to create what we can create through our expressions in full capacity. It will be pretty sweet when the fear of death leaves humanity for ever more, and we walk as who we are here as life, freely expressing and pushing ourselves within self honesty to the best of our abilities with all life in unison and cooperation to see it that all have this ability to express fully in what it is that we all enjoy doing. Expression will be magnificent as we push and will ourselves to create heaven on earth, what comes of this is what dreams are made of, it always starts with self though, so suggest start walking with destonians, read our words, and learn what we speak of when we speak of self honesty, self forgiveness, corrective action, and the equal money system. Links are on the right for more resources and links to destonians and the expressions there of. Enjoy!

Check out Desteni Wiki as well, it's an awesome resource!

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