Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 FAQ- Equal Money System - How will ADHD and ADD be Dealt with in the EMS?

Within an equal money system, children with any 
disorders will be treated within the health care system with any physical remedies needed, but also what will be more understood is the make up of self. How our thoughts, emotions, and patterns within our living day to day life are creating and effecting our physical and mental wellbeing in adverse ways. These disorders will be walked through with the common sense of children learning that there impulsiveness or hyperactivity as seen with ADD/ADHD is able to be controlled through there own self will and transcended to not be effected or moved by this energy any longer through self application within self honesty and self forgiveness. Also, parents will be more readily available to care, prepare, and walk with there child to help develop self and self understanding of the relationship of themselves with all the life around them, which is in oneness and equality. They will see that they can be at peace and not need this point of attention or impulsiveness to live as they seek desire and satisfaction, but be with themselves and be satisfied here stable.

The desires and patterns of satisfaction that is trying to be met through the ADD/ADHD child is based on the need for others to give them what they want because they believe they can not do it themselves, but in fact they will learn that indeed they can do it themselves. These children can indeed direct themselves in the best outcome for themselves as well as all other life here. This will be a process of re-education, reform within working situations for parents, and understanding of self as creator of all that one live in there life and accept this as so. Once we accept ourselves as creator of all that is here within our lives as well as this world, we then will have the ability to change ourselves, because we see the ‘whole’ of the problem and can walk in common sense to solve it. 

Ultimately, the child in this case diagnosed as ADD/ADHD will have to will themselves to walk this point of focus, self control, self discipline, and self stability as they unravel there mind dimensions, release these possessions through self forgiveness, and walk themselves into the freedom of being a being who direct themselves and have no point that direct them. Parents will be more readily available as they will have time on hand to work with all the necessary needs a child will have when walking these rather strong points of mind possession that is experienced with ADD/ADHD, and give practical common sense assistance to the child when it is needed. This being possible due to them not having to make a living to survive in the system because in an equal money system money will not be a survival point any longer. Life will be guaranteed and the parents can be where they are most needed, and what is most important for the sustenance of ourselves, the raising of the children. 

Children will be priority and be taught from the get go that they will be responsible for themselves and how they live, and all diseases and disorders can be walked to a resolution through self will and self application by self realizing that we are the creators of ourselves through how we live, breath, speak, and act towards our world, and thus create who we are within literally each breath we take. This realization being paramount as life will start to walk the self corrective solution to align with all other life here, and live it best for all instead of self interest wants and desires. This will take time and dedication through consistent self application to be an example for the children to come and especially those who are diagnosed with a disorder or disease.

Within time though and alignment to the physical as self here one and equal to all life, disease can and will be cured through and by self with obviously all necessary support for the physical, if necessary, such as medicine, herbs, or certain diets for example, but walking the transcendence within and as self movement. We will look at disorders and disease in a whole new light in an equal money system because much has been latent in this current system to the capacity and capabilities of the human at full potential. Lets walk and live, and become who we all are as life one and equal and explore the breath of life as never before realized in true joy and freedom for all without dis-ease or dis-order. 


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