Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011 Falling for a Savior Every-time, but No More say I

I was in the car with my mom today, and we where talking about the world and what is going on, the poor, the inequality, and abuse. We got to a point where we started to disagree on the solution, and she was saying how desteni is not a solution, ect., and eventually I said to her pertaining to her involvement with me and being in desteni, that I do not need her to save me. That's how she looks at it as if I need to be saved by her based on me being her child, and that I can't see what I am doing. Within this point, it was interesting because throughout my life, I have always looked towards something or someone to come and save me, and now here it hit me, I am getting exactly what I asked for. My mom has been a point of difficulty based on her adamant stand that she disagrees with desteni and me in it within her reasoning that she has to save her child from this 'cult', but this I have to walk thru and continue to stay stable and state who I am no matter what is here. I am walking what desteni stand for, and that simply is to change self to be a part of the creation of a world best for all by living it in my world equal and one, self have to live this to in fact be it and manifest it in our worlds as well as the world at large. So within this point of desiring a savior, for a long time, I was trying to avoid having to really buckle down and take responsibility for myself.

In my past, I have manifested this savior point with many, my family, my friends, technology, eventually manifesting on a metaphysical level as a spiritual guide (which turned out to be a self created mind possession) and now my mother as a physical manifested savior trying to save me from desteni. Now this is interesting because throughout my life I have abdicated myself to others and throughout never actually realizing and seeing what I was doing. Giving my power away to be enslaved to another within this constant point of I need saving, I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I need someone or something to show me the way, a point of self sabotage that continues to come up and show itself in my world. So here again with my mom, I now have realized and see this point of self sabotage and self pity that comes with these separations of desiring to be saved, where I now have been walking some time in taking responsibility for myself, and I have stop it here, no more participating in others saving me, but me walking here as the solution. Not relying on others or any form of god outside myself to manifest anything in my world, but realizing that I am the creator who is creating my own reality and need to walk the walk to manifest what I see as a true path to safety, peace, and thru my own words, my own steps, and by my own hands create a world I would want to live in and raise children in. It literally starts with ourselves here breath by breath, slowly building trust in self as we walk in truth and forgiveness to live anew.

This same savior mentality is what is manifesting the 'god' concept where we as humans believe in a higher power who watches over us and 'saves' us in times of troubles. This being like a casino game though as there is no certainty as we know in any given minute our lives could turn upside down. This uncertainty and instability in this world is based on the lack of self will and self developement on an indiviual level as well as a systematic level to create stability and easement for all. This not being consdier because all are in self interest and survival trying to make it as well as continuing on this naive quest that there is a savior out there coming to save our assess, all the while we are doing nothing to save our own asses. The only way our lives and world is going to get easier concretely for real is if we do it ourselves, by considering everything and everybody that is here and creating a system that supports all within it in transparency and truth. Each one has to walk this because this is a self responsibility that no more you will abuse or have desires of seperation, but you will in fact take responsibility for what is here, and be trusted to love your neighbor as yourself, no more saviors, no more slaves, just life here as you in equality and supporting what is best for all as you would want to live. This is the walk destonians are on, do you have what it takes, only way of finding out is to investigate it and start walking it yourself.

I have realized that this desire to be saved is my own point of trying to escape the work that has to be done with myself to be in fact able to be trusted, but I have realized there is nothing else that matters until life becomes equal for all. It has taken many steps and pushing of my self will to get me to a point where I am today, where I can trust that I can make chooses and create outcomes that benefit all and leaves no point of self slavery by relying on outside forces to help and save me from what I have created. It's a process of accumulated action to prove you can be trusted and take responsibility for who you are and how you live here to be one that is worthwhile. We as humanity have to start as well walking this point of self realization, we as a collective are creating the conditions here and we as a collective are going to have to solve this by our own wills, our own effort, and our own hands. Each can start within there own worlds by taking responsibility, and start changing self to live in the best outcome for all by becoming a trustworthy being.

So humanity, our we ready to face the music, using the savior card is just prolonging of the inevitable, and within this the consequences are drastic, it's coming to critical point, where we will live or parish, this at the hands our own self realization into a world of joy and unity or stupidity in ignorance to our self pity and separation we have grown into like a cancer. As always, we decide, each one and all as a whole. Equal money system is here to be walked for all who see the way as self responsibility and unity within life, and is being walked by many in the desteni community. Join us and investigate the new money system, here is a book to help you get started.

Equal Money - Future of Money Volume 1

Also, check out the Desteni wiki page for more on what we stand for.

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