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2011 Israel-Palestinian Conflict: Will it ever end?

Last night I watched the documentary called Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land, which was about the role the media has within the shaping, direction, and outlook within the American perception of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.  I am a product of this American propaganda, and can attest to this media machine, as I have never seen or heard about the full story of this 'conflict' until I researched it myself. This conflict being the occupation by Israel of the Palestinian land as Israel illegally took over this land during the seven day war, and is to this day continually building upon it. This is causing much hardship to the Palestinian people who lived there for over a thousand years.

This documentary is being focused on the US outlets mis-direction of the occupation into the American homes as well as the mis-perception deliberately placed in words and phrases used within media coverage of each action taken by either side to always sway in favor of Israel. This shown with examples within the movie where the US is compared with the English BBC coverage of many incidents and the differences between coverage is displayed. The BBC being more fair and balanced covering both sides of this conflict seen within the footage, where US media blatantly has an agenda within their coverage, almost always favoring Israel position and doing it specifically within stories told.  Within this movie, they use specific examples, which I will discuss what I learned here, but highly suggest watching this for yourself as it is a great depiction of the power and control used by the people in power to stay in power all the while keeping the masses dumbed down specifically with there propaganda pieces meant to steer the masses in a specific direction, in this case, so Israel look's like the victim. This all the while many people are suffering within theses regions day after day, the brunt being those who are Palestinian.

Israel went in 1967 and occupied the lands of the West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip, this being lived as Palestinian territory. They where not approved by the UN, which is required by international law, but they did it anyway and continue to occupy them to this day. Within this occupation in West Bank and Gaza Strip, the lives of the Palestinians are being made unbearable with road checkpoints lasting for hours that restricts them from free movement, and curfews where one can not leave the house without getting accosted and potentially abused by the soldiers standing on guard. You see within the movies full armored tanks roaming the streets as the curfew is being enforced.

Israel has also gone into the lands and created settlements, which is only allocated to the Jewish people while the Palestinians are forced else were many go into refugee camps, and the house that where there are cleared for new development with the Palestine families left with nothing as everything is destroyed. Within these settlements they are all interconnected within a road system where it is only available to the people living in them, they are able to freely move about with no checkpoints or curfew. The settlements are beautiful homes, with lush green grass and swimming pools, while the Palestinians are in refugee camps, homes destroyed, little food and water, and the threat of violence as well as oppression with the huge force of Israel's military in around every corner. This obvious human living violations as one group is being treated not equal to an other group under illegal means is unacceptable. But as seen on American TV, the media is speaking of these settlements calling them 'neighborhoods' to give it an extra charm. To put into perspective the corruption within the US media outlet on this issue, within this movie they speak of a document that went around the media heads saying specifically not to call these settlements, settlements, but 'neighborhoods', this giving it the sense of innocence within what is being done there. This not being close to reality nor fair nor balanced news coverage, which is the point of free press claimed by many of the talking heads on the tube nightly in America, no?

The US allegiance to Israel even with the illegal occupation of another land as well as the brutality that has been bestowed on these people, is based on money, power, control and resources = greed. This being why the media is so biased because the US government et all has a vested interest in the support and continuing funding of the Israel state. Israel within the lands of the West Bank as well as the Gaza strip have taken over the water resources, the air space, and the settlement building has only continued, this all points that US need to have continue to form a base point of support and resources within the Middle East powers that stand, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, as we see already with their own occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. The US being the highest supplier of military equipment to Israel and now Israel has the second strongest military behind the US in the world. This with an ever fulfilling army force that stands within Israel as it is done through obligation where their is repercussion if not excused from military duty, man and women, so this military force of Israel and US is a mighty one in terms of the power and resources within the military arsenal as well as man power they currently hold. The US needing this force within the middle east land as they look to gain resources within oil as this is becoming quite a commodity these days as well as other natural resources to have more power and influence in that region and in the world at large.

It's all about money, control, and power within this point of enslavement of people, this can be seen all over the world within many different conflicts we have seen over the years and throughout human history. This causing unbelievable suffering and death within many peoples lives for no real purpose, but to have a few have more then others. The Palestinian and Israelites have been fighting for decades and it will not stop until there is an equality reached or the place gets obliterated by the militarys of this world which is currently spiraling out of control. There will be no real trust nor reliability on any source as we can not even trust ourselves to do what is best for all. This is a walk and a self willed living change in terms of being true and living what is best for all. We cannot continue going on like this going around like bullies to each other pretending that I am 'jewish' and you are 'muslim' so we can not live equally here, we have to destroy and conquer each other because 'god' said so, but it is humans who proliferate death objects and continue to destroy life here.

There is always another way though, this way is the true freedom of man and the true freedom of living life, this is within equality and oneness of all here, seeing life as yourself and willing yourself to get this done. This will be best supported within an equal money system, where all will get equally everything that is needed to live, no occupation will be allowed as no profit nor power over another will be tolerated, and we can walk with those who are trustworthy because they have proven it thru there actions as well as words over time. This self trust and trust within a group built on tools such as self honesty, self forgiveness, common sense, and corrective change. The individuals that make up this new equal money system live by principles within all that they do, to live equality, no point of ego nor personality will suffice as this will be seen as not who I am and thus let go of. Any point of definition will be no longer necessary as we will all see what is here as ourselves and simply live and express as this.  Life will be born from this expression in a new direction that which is truly lived best for each being on this planet, this the only point in this existence that ever matter, so we have a lot of work to do.

Be a vote, support equal

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