Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 FAQ Equal Money System- How do we decide what is the standard of basic living?

Here, obviously, the basics within what is needed to live in comfort and dignity for all equally will be established through common sense and what is available that will satisfy the principle of what is best for all. The obvious basic needs will be established such as housing, electricity, running water, healthcare, food, and a monthly credit to sustain your family with these necessities. The credit will be based on the equal money currency and all other items considered luxuries as they are not a necessity, will be bought with labor credits. So there will be two types of currencies we will be working with in an equal money system. These luxuries items being products such as a hiking gear or trips for instance, these would be considered luxury items. The standard for basic needs in living would be everything unconditionally given that sustain a being to live in comfort and ease. No need to have any being struggle or have a point of difficulty in any area of life based on the availability and direction we will have available and allocated where we will give all everything they would or could need to live comfortably. This being a ‘giving’ environment rather then what we see in our current reality as a ‘profiteering’ environment, where we create the principle of ‘love thy neighbor as ourselves’ as a living, breathing system through and as the human everyday lives as we support and express with and as all the life that is here as we would for ourselves.

This point of comfortable living will be where one is able to breath and be at peace in a stable environment for themselves, and all basic needs will always be given equally for all. This being determined based on self honest assessment, no point of greed or ego will be allowed here as all will be able to benefit, and any form of desire for more or better will be either considered and designed for all or disregarded based on the self interest only of the person who generated it. This being unacceptable as this person has separated themselves from the group and indulged in there ego to try and be or have more then there fair share, if this happens to be the case, it will be directed immediately within the principle lived of what is best for all. This point of basic living is to allow everyone the freedom to move and express themselves as they see fit with a basic level of sustainability and sustenance, so they can walk and breath in ease. This bringing an end to the struggle of survival and the drive to make a living to be able to sustain a family and live in general. In an equal money system, life will be guaranteed and the system will be the facilitator of this as money will no more be a driving force, but a medium equal to all that will allow life to flow and prosper as a support system. 

This basic standard will also be consider within what is available in resources and what will be best for the group, so their will be many options as what will be considered basic living standards. I would say a committee would be developed who study and research the basic living standards for all and come up with a layout of what would be best and most cohesive to the community living style, and start designing the living standards from the research results. Our principles always being what is best for all in consideration of all the life that resides on this wondrous planet, and what will be available within the resources here through sustainability and renewability of all goods and services as best we can make it. Many cool and exciting possibilities to come within the implementation and the expansion of our living in an equal money system, the basics will be for the comfort and enjoyment of every being who live in the most dignified possible way we can make it through the principles of oneness and equality free and available to all. 


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  1. Well thank you for attempting to explain how this ems will be implemented. This statement has me wondering:
    " this happens to be the case, it will be directed immediately within the principle lived of what is best for all"

    Now who and how is this going to be decided (by)? My other question: 'where is the money coming from for everyone's basic needs?" Will be pay into a plan: ie:taxes? Are their going to be for instance, an Electric Company? Gas company?
    I know that Desteni seems to be against money, will the barter system be used?

    It's a very, very huge undertaking. Please give these details so we can understand.
    Thanks Garbrielle!
    love, Mom