Thursday, November 17, 2011

2011 FAQ Equal Money System -Will there be a special number to call when I’m possessed and in need of assistance?

For possession, I would say that there will be a number if it’s relevant and serve the best outcome of all, this to be determined as we start to establish the specific details of how each community will be set up in terms of services, care, logistics, ect. What will be part of the education system within an equal money system is establishing yourself within self honesty, self forgiveness, and self corrective change to thus be your own assistance as possession is caused and lived out by self, and required by self to take directive action in the moment to release/let go of these possession points in real time. No savior will exist and no being will walk the process for another, all are alone within this point of realizing self as one and equal and letting go of the mind possessions we are currently existing as. This not to say that we are alone within this journey as assistance will be available, but within our own individual processes to stop self as mind, we walk alone. 

In the education system within the equal money system, each one will be assigned a buddy for specific and direct assistance when necessary, and will have access when needed if cases such as possession or any point where one is having difficulty arise and one need further support/perspective. The buddy system will be established with those who have proven themselves trustworthy and able to show themselves as examples through there living that they have walked and have become stable within letting go of their own possessions, and thus can assist others in what they have lived/walked as a point of self realized support. 

These possession experiences we are existing as at the moment are not to be in fear of or create hysteria around, but to simply understand the core/source/origin of where these points are originating from. Here we walk through the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness, self corrective action to release these possessions and become free here as a stable being walking in this physical reality as breath, walking out of the mind possessive state into the reality hear as the physical itself direct. This is what is being walked now by many in the Desteni-I-Process courses. It is a way to gain understanding of self as creator, and how to indeed create self to become one and equal with all the life here and direct in the best outcome for all within your individual world and thus in the greater as all start to walk this. 

Equal money system will facilitate and walk with all within this change of self, creating an environment that will sync with what one is living and walking as self, so thus it will be a world which perpetuate freedom and balance, where here in this current 'survival of the fittest' world as contrast, it perpetuate instability and insanity. So it will be quite a fantastic world we will create as we all start realizing self as what is best for all, and with the EMS we live this as our reality equal and one. A world best for all starts with self, so self will be the assistance and solution within this process to self perfection, but life here one and equal will assist when/if necessary and systems will thus be created to make this possible in the best way that is able to be done for all.

For more on Frequently Asked Questions about the Equal Money System, Books are available. Enjoy!


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