Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Who is god when genetic defects exist?

I had just read an article where a man was born without fingerprints based on a mutation in the DNA strand that creates the fingerprints in the human body. These acts of mutation in the body are seemingly done at random with no identifiable reason as to why. Those who are effected can have at times major physical and mental deformities or disabilities as you can see within the picture shown to the left. The question I would like to look at is why is these deformities being created and who is creating this?  This is to directly put into question the creator many call 'god' who many in this world believe is all powerful and all knowing creating everything that is here.

If this god is all powerful, the creator of all that exist, and has the best interest for all involved in his absolute consideration, as he is the absolute point of this world and universe, why create a being that has a genetic defect. Why create a being where he/she suffers extensively more then necessary where each day is difficult to get thru based on no fault of his/her own, but born seemingly 'unlucky'. This is a deliberate action of abuse if who we say this 'god' or supreme being is is all powerful and all knowing as with this taken into consideration, 'god' had full awareness of the creation that is now the human with genetic defects. So is this pointing to the absence of understanding/realization in this all powerful 'god? or is this 'god' we have created within our world evil and vicious in his intent? Or could it be that this god that we have prayed and worshiped for millenia does not actually exist based on the complete fuck up this 'god' would have to be if allowed this obvious genetic defect and suffering not to mention the starvation of billions, the rape of the earth and it's people, and the disregard of life in equality as lived daily by many.

Obviously there is something out of sync with this supreme being we call 'god' because he is not that supreme or almighty if he can not fix what is here as the human race with suffering, disease, abnormalities, poverty. This leads to the question then what is god and how is this world such a mess? If we ponder this for a moment, we can come up with many mechanism and systems that would make the human experience a more pleasurable existence for all where implementation of what is best for all can be done quite simply using common sense. I am leaning towards the conclusion that this 'god' that we worship and revere as someone how is more supreme and higher then everything that exist is not real, is made up, and has no validity within what and how life is being created and lived in this reality. This then brings me to the conclusion if not 'god' then it has to be me as all humans that are responsible for the mutations of the genetics based on environmental disregard, food ingested with crazy chemicals induced, and many other factors that could be evidence of this being true. It's so easy to blame a god that is invisible, can not actual verify nor defend his/her claims against/for him/her, and is irrelevant to the suffering and solution that is needed to be implemented for these defects and suffering to be lifted and sorted by human action. It's time for humans to let go of our cruxs we have been hiding behind as this 'god' idea, and take responsibility to sort out the mess that is our current existence.

If you see the validity within the abuse of this idea we have come up with as the god concept abdicating ourselves from responsibility as equal creators to what is here within this reality then that's cool because you will see the common sense in what is being shared. There is much that needs to be studied and learned within the understanding of who we are as the creators of this reality and how we can in fact change the outcome of what has been created to be that which is life affirming and best for all here living. Fortunate for us, there is a resource within the world, which has shortened dramatically the information gathering and it can be found at, where all these questions are researched extensively and answered within common sense to bring about a world equal and one, where all take responsibility for self and what is here, and eventually thru the principles lived all these ‘abnormalities’ will be corrected by self thru living.

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