Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 I am a Destonian because......

I am a Destonain because I care about life, I care about the suffering in this world, I care about the physical conditions of hell that beings have to live in day in and day out, I care about the dis-ease that many feed into in this endless search for more, I care about fairness and respect of life here in this world, I care about homelessness, I care about equal opportunity for all, I  care about equal education for all, I care about children having a safe place to play no matter where they land, I care to end war, starvation, poverty, rape, slavery, murder, crime, I care about nature and the preservation of it's wonders, I care about the potential of life within self perfection, I care about peace and harmony to all that reside on this planet, I care about healing those who are ill, I am a Destonian because I care about life in freedom within and as self expression.

    Do you care, if you dare, stand as a Destonian who stand for all life equal in value to all that exist. No masters, no slave, but equal in every way and one as life.

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  1. I was just now sitting and telling myself, I need an example of a blog someone wrote about "I am a destonian" (as a perspective) and I popped on FB, and there yours shows up lol. thanks Garbrielle