Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 Find Out HERE What Divides Man.....

Its crazy in the world today two seemingly equal people can live such different lifestyles. Two males for instance both are literate, both have the ability to reason and problem solve, and both have health like an ox, but the difference being in this story is that one has money and one do not. Money, the great divider of life in this current insane system we are living and accepting as valid daily.

We all know now after knowing this all important fact how each of these guys lives will end up being lived. One in ease, relaxation, and comfortably in his daily life (relatively speaking for purposes of my point in this blog). The other in pain, stress, and constant worrying for his next meal or place to stay. One has all the opportunities in the world because he has the opportunity to pay to get into the door. The other guy getting scowled at and mocked because he is sitting next to the door begging for someone to give him some coins so he can get his daily bread. One has all the resources at his fingertips because he has the ability to sustain and upgrade each new gadget that comes to the market with the flick of the wrist as the card scans thru the machine. While the other walks around in dirty run down clothes and shoes with holes in the heel from the miles of steps he has taken around the town slums looking for his next meal. One on his way to vacation in the tropics on a yacht fit for a king. While the other looks for his next underpass or tree cover to not get his clothes drenched from the storm that is brewing overhead.

The commonality in these two man is the physical, this of course the only thing that really matters as it is what keeps us, all life, alive. They each need to eat, drink water, sleep, shower, stay healthy, and maintain money flow to live in sustenance, but the difference is one is in struggle to get this and one is in peace. Why do we create such a world where our fellow man is living in struggle while another in peace, this only can be accepted and allowed by a people that is selfish, greedy, and do not care about anyone elses' happiness, but there own. Humans not loving their neighbor as themselves, the one fundamental rule we learned in kindergarten, but funny no one truly lives this.

This point easily being solved by creating a system where everyone is supported with basic needs and basic allowance to sustain these needs throughout ones life. It will not take that much money to sustain this system, and there will be enough to do so as we will be the creators and directors of how this system operate, the only standards are upholding the life principles of equality and oneness for what is best for all life within and as yourself. If you do not stand for what is best for all life to live in comfort and peace by letting the struggle to survive diminish forevermore for every being thru giving all equality as a living system then you do not deserve the right to live as you will not give that right to another. This not to be sorted out by any higher authority, but by yourself as we are defining who we are in each and every breath. You will face you, but you have the opportunity here now to support a new system that will support everyone, equal money is the way as it will in fact accomplish the principles that life is founded on being equal and one to life as self.  Do not hesitate, walk as an equal to your fellow man by giving all equal money to supply their daily living....division only breaks down and rots, equality in living binds forever and is solid as rock, lets build life from a foundation of rocks thru unity and sharing.

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