Saturday, August 13, 2011

2011 Is our Health Industry making us better?

Have you ever wondered why we pop a pill to cure a dis-ease instead of using the known remedies that have healed humans and animals alike for thousands of years, which grow in trees and plants across this physical planet? As it is obvious that what is best for our bodies should be based on the source of where we came and what our bodies are made of, the earth, organic matter. As the saying goes 'mother nature can not be duplicated' in her nourishment of life and wholeness of intent. The earth is the 'best' source for where we should be using to help relieve ailments and strain not from the only treatment perpetuated in this drug crazed society, the pill, which claims to cure life's illnesses made within a factory run by a profit driven corporation. What say you, do they have our best interest at heart when their quota comes in at the end of the month and its behind some percentage points? I say no.

The pharmaceutical companies are driven on profit and making the most profit possible, there is much corruption within this industry that should be researched as I am not going to go into full detail here. There is one documentary I watched tonight called the The Cancer Report based on the overtaking of the whole medical industry to greed suppressing known cures for cancer for their drug laden treatment that is harsh to the body and does not have high success rates. The cancer cures mentioned thru known fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods that support the body to become balanced and in equilibrium with itself in the physical world had remarkable success rates in the cases where it was used that where deliberately not published by the high powered governmental and industry bodies. The case of Vitamin B17 and cancer killing agents within it is one you can research that gives evidence here to what I write. The comparison between the two treatments is quite striking, and the corruption of the 'associations' we trust in is disturbing.

In an equal money system, this will be obvious, not to say that no chemical compound will ever be used, but will never be monopolized within the health of life, and will be but an aspect of the wholeness of the living being in the living system of what will best support the individual and all as a whole within what we call 'healthy' living. All research, remedies, food, products, treatment, will be geared and developed for the best outcome possible for each and all life on the planet. Money being no more a driving force because everything will be open and available to all within equality, and the struggle to survive from making income will cease to exist. This along with the ever expansion of the realizations of ourselves as creators of this realities and the directors of how our 'health' is individually related equal and one to how we live our lives and who we are as beings. For more on this - the self as director of life, visit

We have a long way to get there, but the potential for this type of system is here,  and there is no better time then here now to start walking this into reality by changing self to live equal with all life. Support and participate in bringing equality here by walking as the example. Humans need to change in order for this system to change for what is best for all and stop the absolute disregard of human suffering to make the most profit, getting back to reality where life actually physically is what matters. Do you dare to care for the best life possible for all beings and to bring about heaven on earth, if yes, then the equal money system is for you. Join us all are welcome.

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  1. Cool points here, Garb. There's no better example of corruption and greed than the pharmaceutical industry's relationship with the FDA...