Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Destonians: Are we a Cult?

My mom is on a cult forum discussing how much of a cult desteni is and how much of a scam Bernard is because we as destonians give money to desteni. This is not something i will debate nor give credence to because my mom is possessed by this point and doesn't hear any reason, but her own validation to her claims about desteni. "There are reasons why we here at RR refer to desteni cult as a cult, IT IS. Why you ask? Well the shaved heads would be a good start. desteni cult being all the members seem to take part in. There does seem to be a hierarchy also, Bernard at the top. We have witnessed what he is spewing. What he expects the members to take part in we all question. WHY?? All this for ems. Why not just get on with it? " this was written by my mom in her latest post, I have gone over plenty of times why I shaved my head for reasons to stop abuse of the earth, the water table, and to show that I do not define myself by beauty nor do any being need to define themselves by what we look like, and the group did for similar reasons. "There does seem to be a hierarchy also, Bernard at the top." Bernard is not at the top, he is equal to all in the group there being no hierarchical because we are equals, but their are principles we live by and if you don't stand equal to the group in the principles of life then that is your choice and you thus will not stand equal to the group because you are not standing as such, Bernard walks his talk as far as I have witnessed and it is irreverent if I am not walking my talk, does my mom walk her talk- she will have to answer this for her self.

"What he expects the members to take part in we all question." This needs more elaboration, but all I have participated in with Desteni is self forgiveness, self honesty, expansion and exploration of who I am and how I have created myself- stopping fears, addictions, judgement of myself and others, self hatred, defining myself by others, and many other cool points that caused allot of misery within me for allot of my life, it's just a matter of letting that stuff go and walking the change. Those at desteni are doing that, Bernard is just a reference point and he shares his realizations because he walked this process before all of us, he was the first or one of the first to walk it. His story is in the material, so read up on it, it is a fascinating tale.  Mom I do not go to your groups and bash them, assume stuff about what others say whether it be verifiable or not, and bash those who are pushing themselves and expanding themselves in there fears and struggles in there lives. Desteni is a cool place to be and witness other peoples accomplishments, and walking their process with them as they expand and blossom so to speak in to a being that they are proud of and are changing for real. Don't knock it just cause you fear it, there is points we can discuss and come to common ground on, we do not have to go to war with eachother cause it's obvious this is not about desteni nor berarnd, but you and I, to be continued...

But another point that could be addressed here on the Rick Ross forum at large is what are all of you doing to create a more decent world or better situation for the billions suffering right now, why focus so much on cults, why not come up with a solution for the starvation of millions of children across the world? I have asked this to many who claim Desteni is a cult or a scam, ect. and they go into excuse and justification to why they are right and what I say is invalid, thus they are in ego and I do not converse any longer because it is pointless.  See when the focus goes personal and the 'Rick Ross crew' and people against what Desteni stand for actually have to face themselves, they will go into attack mode defending there ego, or possibly have a breakthrough and gain self awareness and realize that life is equal and one. Unfortunately tho, the response of those that are possessed by desteni cult is usually the attack mode and defending ego as it is how they have defined themselves by and believe it is who they are thus anything questioning that, they fear because it is questioning who they believe they are = there ego/mind. Life has no condition nor opinion, belief, judgement, or any separation that humans harbor, Life is unconditional and is living as what is best for all in the scope of this existence, we are but drops in the ocean to what is here as existence as the physical, so have some consideration for this, and understand yourself within it, we are not less then this realization, we are equal because we are also life, and thus must take responsibility for what we have created and fix that which does not work, equal money system, when more well known after allot of hard work, will be a foundational point to fix this current world and the atrocities that are being perpetuated daily by human activity.

I have to say it is quite unfortunate that people waste so much time on believing desteni is a cult and that we are something to fear. But the truth of the matter is that you are fearing yourself, fearing facing the truth of who you are and what you have accepted and allowed within your life, I know it is extremely diffucult to face and realize that about yourself, the evil that is within and I have participated in, but it must be faced, and it can be faced. Using the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness, changing self thru forgiveness realizations, and breathing as a stabilizer, it is possible to face yourself as many have and are examples of this truth. The point people need to see and realize is that that smaller act of abuse is reverberating into the greater scale of this world. When one abuse an animal for instance, that is adding to the abuse to the whole of this world in every facet, making and creating it here, by continually participating in it on an individual level and thus on the world level as well. Wars between neighbors, wars within families, wars between nations, it's all the same, and it's started as the war within ourselves.

Desteni is here to correct that thru the tools shared, correct ourselves so we are able to stop the war within and thus stop the war without. It's possible and doable, it's all about your own self will, self dedication, and self worth. This is where self honesty is helpful because if practiced it forces one over time to live truth, it is a process of course, but it develops the skill to see self honestly and see what is here in truth thru common sense and self forgiveness. Destonians are a group of all different walks of life from around the world who are willing ourselves to live equal and one to all in fact in real time, thru supporting and assisting each other as a group standing within the principles shared here. It's an awesome place to be and it does not go without challenges, so be prepared to face ALL of you, it's so worth it tho Life has waited long enough.

Nothing matters, but the matters at hand and those matters is real life, real suffering, real death, and real tragedy, so who are you in the face of this are you going to be the judas or the jesus? The choice is yours as the solution is always going to be one and equal to life best for all.  Lets stop wasting time with this nonsense of cults and get to the truth of the matter, the problems of the world, it's time humanity face this, Destonians are standing as an example of those who are doing just that.

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