Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011 Let's NOT go to War...STOP Self

War as we have existed within the human race for our whole history basically, what is it showing us? Why have we not stopped warring against each other? This can be seen within the simplest of equations, which I enjoy as it is able to be understood by all, is the 1+1=2 equality equation. We are trying to take more from another that we want for ourselves, and do not want to share equally with all what is here and belongs to no one in particular, but is unconditionally given by nature. We are also doing that within ourselves as beings, where we war against ourselves, not allowing and accepting ourselves to live in unison and equality of all who is here one and equal with ourselves, but separating us based on this point of desiring more then another or seeing self as less then due to holding onto a judgment, belief, idea that is not real in fact as it can not be touch, felt, or seen.

I as all beings here are worthy and deserve to live, but within myself to be life I have to live life, and life is principled within oneness and equality unconditionally for all, but can only be individualized and received whole by all beings thru living it in fact with all as physical outflows considering all in every breath. That is what many are busy with in the process, and walking self honesty and self forgiveness to become this being who is in fact equal and one to life changing self to stand equal and one to all as you see all as self, and thus stop the war within and will stop the war without because all are me, so why would I battle me? Makes no sense, yes.  Self can only diminish self, and I do this within the constant self defeating thoughts I participate in and follow throughout my days, the constant battle within of the polarity play-out of being better and creating the balance of that as less then within my world. If I see myself and think myself as unworthy and inferior to what is here as life in equality then I will live this as me in fact, being depressed and jealous of others who I see better when in fact I am creating this state by being in it and not changing to equalize myself as I am capable of doing this as I am life just like the other. It will not be equal and one for me if I don't stop these thoughts from directing me as I am causing this battle with myself within me based on thinking of myself in this way. So I have learned and walked the process I mentioned early, and slowly and sometimes bumpily, but steadily walking myself into and as equality to all life here stopping thoughts, stopping judgments, stopping beliefs that only divide living HERE as breath as a physical being. This is the way to go I've found, focusing on what matters which is physical movement and solutions, and creating life here that supports all thru my self living this each day breath by breath.

In war tho, we see this play-out of the battle that rages within self, the anger, the torture, the barbarism, the disregard for life, the greed and brutality, and the never ending cycles that this has gone thru over and over within the years only to return once again to war based on us always existing within this way. As within so without, war within humanity equals war without as humanity = Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Libya, ect.  There is never any solution or resolve within ending a war as it is just for a moment, then another hiccup of a fight happens or a point of dominating another is seeked, and another war ensues as we are not looking at it from the shoes of another, but from the self in a bubble only looking out for what is his/hers own self interest. No equality only separation and isolation in an attempt of securing ones assets and fearing the loss of that acquisition, but this again a never ending cycle as there always is a point where you are going to have less and desire more, that hole in essence will never be filled. Unfortunately for war, there is a point were this will all go away and that is when we in fact have destroyed ourselves along with our world environment entirely. Take a look at the weapons that have been developed and the sheer number of them in this moment. Weaponized nuclear bombs able to be dropped in any point desired on this planet with the push of a button, who is to be pushing that button, look within yourself and you can see, the craziness the human race has gone to ready to destroy masses of life based on the demons (de-MAN-s) within that we allow to rule. We are absolutely crazy in fear and greed, and we need to get back to reality to see what is real, what matters, and what is actually life here.

We have to take care of our inner worlds, each and every being, to stop the hatred of ourselves and the fear of what is here as this world, we have to give ourselves back to our selves as innocence as who we really are as the expression of living and creativity which we all express in moments of joy as we freely move. We can live in a world without war, we can live in a world where all are secure and supported, we can live in a world where all have enough and are safe, we can live in a world where all we see is I. This is possible, it only takes the will of man to change ourselves to benevolent beings thru living in truth of self and pushing change to live in equality with all others as self, seeing everyone one to self and birthing this within and throughout each ones world eventually the world will be one. This also can be facilitated within a system of support thru the medium of money being in equal value for all life in all ways driving a system best for each one in fairness and respect, so all have a opportunity for expansion and expression. Living heaven on earth is possible, we must will it and live it into being, there is no other way, no god, no master, and no slaves will bring it here, we as all as one as equal as life will bring it here as this in essence is the will of life so we are just walking this into being, into physical living as who we are as our physical existence on this physical planet. Lets do it.


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