Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Why do we Desire Heaven?

A quote by the late Steve Jobs, who recently died, and is quite fitting to what is experienced or expected to be experienced by many humans after there life here on earth. The quote being, “no one wants to die, but everyone want to go to heaven”. Within this statement, Mr. Jobs is implying as what I gather that to get to heaven one must die, and the obviousness of dying is unwelcome to all who live because of the fear that is involved and the freedom we have within being a living, breathing, physical being, but we still yearn for this place called heaven as we desire to go somewhere better then what’s here.

This desire is built upon the fact that for one, the world we see around us is fucking insane, it’s a crazy place, there is no sense of camaraderie, it’s a ‘dog eat dog’ world as the saying goes, and many whether it be big or small feel this tension within the fear of survival we all face. We are afraid for our children, one of the first things I learned as a child was ‘never talk to strangers’, getting this sense of fear of others at a very young age as kids went missing everyday. So the lifestyle here is one of fear, angst, and grit, if we can not trust others with children and we can not be guaranteed a life worth living, then no one is safe. We all feel this point of survival, that we need to be ruthless in order to survive because so many we see around us is having hellish lives and that is the last place any being would want to be in, but unfortunately the way this current system runs many do not have that choice. Look at those without money, without opportunity, without proper conditions for living, without food to eat, we create these types of situations for others based on the agreement of all that life is this dog eat dog world, and we have to be ruthless and protect myself and my family to survive. We have to survive no matter who or what is effected, I have to save me. The desire for a heaven in another place, a better place, is based on this fear of survival due to the money system that perpetuates winners and losers we accept as capitalism, and this desire being felt more and more for those who are on the losing end.

Dying for humans though, is a scary prospect because no one actually knows what goes on beyond the grave, we don’t know if there is a place of pearls and honey or if there is nothing and we just end. There is no certainty to this point of transition from life to death, and this is what scares people the most, the unknown of what is to come. There is this glimmer of hope though, that has been built up within the human folklore that there is a paradise that lay beyond the grave for us to enjoy for getting thru and bearing this harsh world we have just left. This has always been from many places and faces I have seen the accepted nature of this world, that it is a harsh place by design and that we must be rewarded for bearing thru it by a lovely paradise in our deaths, what many refer to as heaven. And of course is pushed and pronounced in our religious and spiritual circles. 

In Steve Jobs quote, “no one wants to die, but everyone want to go to heaven”, this is true in the sense that many do not want to die for reasons I listed above basically the fear of the unknown, but all want to see heaven and live in a heavenly place. This is understandable as who would not want to live in heaven, peace, freedom, relaxation, true sense of calm as life is not in question, life is guaranteed. But within this realization that heaven is where we all want to be, what does not jive and does not make sense as it is counter to where we all say this heaven exist as life, is that death is what brings us to this heavenly abode. We call this place the after life, but no being knows this, and if we are dead, we are no longer alive as we are no longer here to experience life in the physical as what is real, so it is not the after life, but simply death. This conception that there is life after this life can not be real as then we would not die, why create this earth, this world when we just suffer thru it and then die to go back to life again, doesn't make sense. Again I live and walk in what makes practical sense, what can be feasibly tested, and this life here on this earth is where I am as a living being, and where I see all life is. This makes sense as life because I am living in physical substance what is real and what is here. The trees, the plants, the animals, the movement and flow of our lives everyday this is real as it is tangible and can be physically touched and worked with. Death is where life ends, the being leave the physical and goes to the unknown where life is left behind as this physical world.

The point that is skewed and has always caused the suffering is the human involvement in this physical world we are living and suffering in. We are the ones creating the lives that is here for ourselves, nature is not destroying the very physical fabric substance that supports our every breath, the animals are not creating the governments and economic structure we use to run our lives, the insects are not hoarding the goods and resources that are here for all to share, the oceans are not abusing and being cruel deliberately to those that are innocent and vulnerable. We, humans, are the ones who hoard resources and wealth, we are the ones who create governments and economic structures that confine and restrict from free movement and unity of all, we are the ones who abuse life very harshly and cruelly based on the fear that we allow to control, and we are the ones who are destroying ourselves, our world, and the unconditional expression of nature that is giving of themselves every breath that supports us unconditionally even as we deliberately abuse this.

But we do not learn, we do not hear, and we do not change until our lives are at stake, until death meet at our doorsteps, and then we have a change of heart and hope that there is a heaven where we can be saved. The hope born from fear. It’s sad the ignorance of man as we squander and destroy the life that is right before our eyes in physical 3-D for us to make heaven as a physical living system on this earth as all the resources are here and we have the ability to do this, but we chose to go to greed, ignorance, and fear because we desire to have more and see life in separation. Separating  ourselves from person to person and species to species, not seeing the actual oneness that lives within all of it, the life essence that is within all of us here. 

This is not to be taken lightly, we are at a crossroads as humanity, and we all realize this, we see the state of the world falling, it is those who see this and realize that heaven is here in this physical world that will make the difference and create the change that is needed. Not waiting for death, hoping for a savior as heaven, or fearing the unknown, but living and supporting life here as what is best for all as what would be best for myself. We have the opportunity here to change what is busy happening, we have the path to heaven on earth in front of us, and we all have the will as self to bring this forth. It's thru principles in living that will see this thru, as all have to be seen and understood as equals as life in this reality to have a system that makes sense and a place where a heavenly existence for real can exist. Until life is lived one and equal as self as this world, ending the illusion that there is some other savior as heaven in death, heaven will not be. Steve Jobs made an important point, life is not to be feared nor heaven is to be made a folklore, humans need to stand up and change themselves and bring forth thru actual physical action to get to a place where heaven exist for all on this earth. Support equality, support your self to become equal to all life here, support the equal life foundation, which will give way to the political means to see these principles set into motion on a national and global scale. Each vote counts as it is one man one vote, so show your vote and participate to create heaven in no other place then where it’s always 


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