Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 Why do we Lie to our Children?

The saying I have read recently I would like to talk about, it being “Not to spoil the ending for you, but everything is going to be ok”. This is a great deception the human perpetuates within the children and those who are looking for answers within our world. This statement is deceptive based on the fact that the end is not know by any being as the beginning is not understood. We have no idea as a race why we are here? We have no concept of what life is meant to be lived like? We have no point in reference to see or understand how life could be lived best for all because we are stuck in our minds, living in bubble worlds, and surviving for our own self preservation in little to no care of how our fellow man will survive. This uncaring of others and separating from who all are here as life that need to live as well as you do is the great downfall of man, and will be the end of man if we don’t get our head out of the clouds and here in REALity. Within this dream state we live in in our bubble worlds created and designed by our thoughts of grandeur and magnificence, we say these words to our children because that is our hope, we hope all will turn out ok and that all will be well in the end of this life, but that is just a hope. Something that neither can be tested to be true nor relied upon as fact. There is no certainty to our livelihoods here in this world as each day most beings scramble thru to make it, going against the grain in what feels like waves crashing over them such as the money system, the debt system, the consumerism system, the job system, to get enough money coming in to pay the bills and necessities. Working and working to keep this point of surviving going that is if they are able to keep there job or even get a job in this failing economy.

Now within this statement, what I can see and assess as an implication is that the point of god or a heaven saving us from our lives here on earth is a great hope that all will fulfill and thus this god or heaven will make all ok like a great big hero we see in a fairytale, this what we tell children to show that life isn’t all that bad, there are hopes for heros saving us, the great hero being god in heaven. But within this we do a disservice to our children as we do not give them the power that they deserve and that power is within and as self. Giving our children self empowerment to show them that they are the saviors of themselves and have the ability to not only save themselves, but help save and give comfort to all beings here by being the example of self empowerment thru giving all equal what would be wanted by one self. This point of self empowerment I have found has only been within the principles of unity and sharing as one and equal to all who reside here. Children learning from the get go that life is lived and generated by self creation thru living in consideration of all here and making sure all are cared for and welcomed.   Living a life in certainty guaranteed thru living as one community, one world, and one life, finding self as part of the whole and the whole within and as self. No separation within the two spectrum's, but living within this equilibrium with all that goes on here, within our system, within our communication, within our stories of learning to our children, giving them the tools and understanding that life is not a struggle of survival, but is guaranteed as a right for all who are born here. This we have to walk and create here within ourselves and within and as our system of living because it is not that way as of yet. Equal money system is a system that guarantees life for all worth living, and always considering the best for ourselves, our children, and all beings who live in this world, support it to support all within this way of loving our neighbor as ourselves, the foundational point of the system we need to create here for all to be supported.

This point of the right of life for all who live is obvious and self evident, and will be understood immediately by children as they are innocent and ready for the truth of this world, we don’t want fear, we don’t want struggle, and we certainly don’t want to suffer, so all these points will go when we realize that giving false hope to the youth within these statements of happy endings is not productive and only going to turn out unwanted. Lets give our children a fresh start and a new beginning by starting new stories that show them how to live as equals and be the example as the parent to give this gift to our children. This take dedication and will, but nothing is more worth it then the continuation of ourselves thru and as our children. This is what I focus on, leaving this world a more united place and equal in all ways,  so the children have a chance to get it physically moving.  It always starts with ourselves, and who we are in each and every moment, so make these moments count, all your breaths making them best for all, and start the process of correction thru self forgiveness to give all children a chance for this better life we can give them, stopping the suffering forevermore. We are the examples the children are looking up to, lets stop the false fairy tales and give life that is real and works physical practically for all thru a system that supports all, This an unlimited exploration and expansion of self if we allow it to be. We are the allowance of the living of our future, we decide thru the example we set and give to our children. Give peace a chance by giving our children the peace they deserve thru a system worth living in that is equal and one to how you would want to live.


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