Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 The Power of Decide Life and Death

I went to the doctors recently with Henri, we had an appointment because his eyes where creating goop in them every morning and throughout the day. This he was in need of some medicine to help clear up the infection that was causing the goopiness in his eyes. I took him in to see a doctor and he got completely checked, his ears, his teeth and mouth, his temperature taken, his weight, and all the important standards to make sure all is functioning properly and working naturally. He got a clean bill of health, and got medicine, which will clear up the eye infection in a week. The doctor asking questions in regards to the treatment I was giving him, making sure that he was being fed and cared properly by me. If the infection went on it could have gotten more infected causing puss in the eyes, and him causing an abrasion on the eyeball from him scratching so much. This occurring possibly if left untreated meaning it will not just go away it of course will get worse and more serious if left untreated. He got all the care he needed, and was checked for any other points where he could have an illness or show signs of one brewing, so he has quite the advantage to being healthy and having a life of enjoyment based on the doctors availability and care when needed. This fortunate for henri and myself will always be available, of course, as long as I have money to pay the bill and a job to keep up with the insurance. Money being the deciding factor on being healthy or being sick.

Money flow is not equally available to all in this world currently as we see the inequality and discrepancies within the high rates of death and disfunction in poorer countries based on no incomes available for these people who don't have access to jobs, have poor infrastructure, and easily are taken advantage of because they have no power due to having no money.

All the while in these poor countries, babies with there bloated bodies and bulging eyes from the infections eating away at there insides because they drank water that was contaminated due to people feces getting into the water supplies as there is no functioning plumbing system or toilets for the people to shit properly in, where all of this in disarray because there is no money to generate these types of sustainability's all need to live decent lives and have safe and clean facilities to live. Money effecting every aspect that can be imagined within and as each and all beings lives. Another, where medicine being available to cure the water-born preventable disease that are causing the diseases in the children who are drinking the dirty water because they are thirsty and there bodies desire drink to live, but this medicine can't be bought to help these sick and dying children from the contaminated water because there is no money able to be generated enough to buy the medicines needed. Again, money dictating who lives and who dies. We have created such a world where we have dictated the only means to a decent livelihood to be extremely scarce and difficult to have it continually supportive based on the scarcity to have money flow continually, where it take much struggle for many to have a chance at living without disease and hardship even for a small amount of time.  We are willingly and completely aware of the fact that babies go without, based on no opportunity to get money because they have been disenfranchised and destined into a life of hell before they were even born because they where born into the 80% of humanity that struggle everyday to live because they have no money and no access to get it to support themselves in a dignified way.

We should be ashamed of ourselves, those with money and opportunity,  for allowing such a system to exist and to accept it as our current way of living, but were not because it so easy to get distracted with desires, goods, and the excuse of charity giving, such as concerts, humanitarian aid, and celebrities telethons for hunger. All of this is not going unnoticed tho, each being is defining themselves based on the way they treat there fellow life beings and how they live among them. Everything is aware and everything has a consequential outflow, so it's suggested to be self honest with yourself and do what is best for all as you would want for yourself. Allowing children to starve to death in another part of the world is a failure, so I suggest seriously considering in self honesty how it is you would want to be treated in the shoes of another dying right now, and then consider what you are doing for the betterment of man.  I have heard many say I am doing the best I can, but am I? only self of course can answer this. We as a people should come together and stop these divisions that are distractions from the obvious truth that is here, we are all desire to live and all have the same needs to be sustained in this life, all need clean water, medicine when where sick, functioning infrastructure to live, and money to sustain all life. Money not being the power to decide who lives or dies, but money being equal to life and supporting all life in all ways that can be conceived by giving all access to money freely to be sustained in the best ways possible. There is no excuses, this is the will of life, and all will be measured based on the responsibility taking by yourself to create a world that is best for everyone.

Equal money system will support all throughout there lives by equalizing money and giving all unconditional support to live in dignity, making money a support rather then a definer for the living of life best for all in all ways. All beings will be re-educated to take responsibility for themselves to will themselves to live as equal with there fellow life beings, the principles will be taught and understood as life one and equal to self.  This is what we all want, a system that works and life to be guaranteed for all, be a part of creating this here by supporting this within giving funding and  participation to spread the word and helping the message expand. This is everyones responsibility to put in a system that support all beings here, the old or current system has to go completely as it has completely failed to support what is best for all. The new is on it's way and busy developing. Support the equal money system and equal life party for a better life for all, it's here and waiting for you!  Links are on the right. Thanks.

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