Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life as the Polarity Pull

I have been looking at this point of red states and blue states as we call them here in America for the two main political parties that encompass our future direction within the two dominant parties as it is now, the republican and democrats. The republicans are the red states and democrats are the blue states if you are unfamiliar, this is how the country has been impulsed and accepts as there political system here in the states.

This separation of parties/ideals is very significant in the power control for those who are in power and generally have control of the money flow as it causes instant and constant conflict, this being the essence of the nature of the system, and always with conflict, a push and pull game starts to envelop. This is not to say that discussion and debating on subjects or new initiatives to be put into place is not wise or needed, but the very nature of who we are here is based on this polarity conflict that is seen in the very system we are allowing to govern us, showing us essentially to ourselves.

The problem I am seeing is that we don't allow ourselves to evolve and resolve the obvious issues that keep coming up as real sufferable problems within the land we live. Many issues such as health care, poverty, homelessness, war, unemployment are still major issues, and are very prevalent and relevant for our day. This is based on the heel dragging and back door deals that are allowed to occur because there is so much text, layers, and loopholes you must figure out and succeed to get anything done or changed here as well as have the 'right' support and money to go along with that. There is no common sense or principles we live and adhere to as what is best for all, but many say 'ideal' things and never come through fully for all or it gets lost in the 'game' that we are calling politics, this being based on interests not the whole. The polarity of for example, red state/blue state with its own individual ideal plan and stopping cooperation with those who are from the other side just because they are in a box called republican, makes no sense, and is detrimental to all life here as we know it, it is destroying life because we are not considering all life involved, just 'our own' side of the coin.

This polarity complex we are living is not only seen within the political arena, we can see it within the cultural divide, one big, huge glaring one is the poor/rich divide, we label as upper-middle-lower class. This cultural divide is the 'big' one because of course this label of 'poor' or 'rich' is what determines everything about your existence and if you will in essence struggle or be comfortable. In other countries, this is more dyer where many are literally dying by the minute due to lack of money and the resources that gives self sustenance. Those who are going to prosper and thrive, and those who are going to suffer and eventually die is determined by this polarity marker we have accepted ourselves to exist within and as 'poor' or 'rich' people. This is as clear as day as I don't even have to discuss it or explain it much as it automatically is seen within this world system when we go outside in our day to day living, those who are homeless on the streets and those who walk by with everything they would need; a child dying in the arms of a mother and a child obese based on too much food available.

These polarities are everywhere based on the polarities that exist within all of us, as within so without as the saying goes, the desire to be better causing the opposite effect of those who have to be less, is a main polarity construct I am working and stopping within myself here. This is created, sustained, and lived through human beings everyday, accepting and allowing this system of polarities that dictate who we are here to exist and continue, we are a giving it power by agreeing to it and are responsible because we are allowing it. This is where self honesty and self forgiveness comes in and is useful because each one has to identify each and every time one thinks, believes, desires, generates any kind of energy in this plight for a polarity fulfillment such as to be great, to be rich, to be in a 'nice' car, to be loved, and opposite when you are hateful, spiteful, jealous, think your in a 'shitty' car, violent, all are here and have an effect you are creating as bringing about the opposite that was indulged in as the polarity must balance out.

 On the world stage these polarity are being impulsed through money as rich and poor, then to party lines as democrat and republican, then to ideas as pro abortion/ pro life, then to products as healthy/unhealthy. and it continues not realizing that what is needed is simplicity and practical living common sense for what is best for all, always will come down to a simple anwser that can be equated by simple mathmatics 1+1=2.

Within this polarity system we are living, nothing ever is getting accomplished because within this living polarities, we are living separation, saying as a statement of self that I am not that opposite in whatever polarity is being indulged in at that time. For example, I am not that 'ugly' person over there, I am here and 'pretty' with my 'red' hair, but then later you will experience yourself to be 'ugly' because you have defined and limited yourself by that which is defined as 'pretty'  when your hair turns grey and you go to the opposite pole because you 'think' grey hair is 'ugly'. When in reality it is hair, color is a color no definitions or polarity thoughts need be attached to this life we refer to as hair or color, it is what it is so to speak, humans place the definitions that limit the full expression of self based on the polarity poles we exist as.

 visit: Desteni site = more on oneness and equality as self as all life and understanding

With an equal money system, the self realization process that is being discussed and practiced by many at desteni, as this is the place where the full story of who we are was found, researched thoroughly, and told, is imperative to be pushed within self will because the main issue with human behavior that i have lived and have experienced within my life is the fact that we do not see ourselves as one family and to be more literal one being. This is in fact who we are literally. We are one as life all living things. There is no separation and this allowance of polarities has to be stopped within self, it is a process and it is possible, it is time for all beings to wake up to these realizations and live the living word as each and every life form here equal and one as self. It has to come back here to self and then life will be one. Its up to YOU/ME to live this, the crossroads is here, as the atrocities that are being lived and allowed has come to it's brinking point. Lets do this, equal money is the first step to show that self is understanding and living who I am as life and place this into being within a system that is fair within self honest living, and equal for all.

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