Saturday, March 10, 2012

Re-Defining HUMILITY to Live for All Life

I within forth coming blogs will be writing on the re-definition of words that have been created within the mind to gain only for one's own self interest, which cause the way of this world where many suffer and those who don't are able to live among this with no real action for change. In living words and thus re-defining them to words that are alive and are in fact real, will help assist and support myself to integrate these words as myself and thus stop the ego driven version from the mind and become the real life version through the physical movement of myself.

The first word I will write about is Humility.

Humility within this world system currently is based on the mind meaning that it is created and made up within the mind of oneself and thus within the mind is able to create all sorts of interpretations and ideas about this word to thus suit ones own self interest and thus ones ego not in the interest of all life that live.

Humility as within this context of the mind definition is based on for me and how I have experienced it, is that I would become humble for the purpose of relieving the feeling of sadness or weakness relating to what I was seeing or hearing in terms of the horror of this world, and thus releasing my ego and self desire to be more then others based on the obvious horrific nature of suffering for a moment to create this experience of feeling humble. To become humble within this moment of feeling sad or weak, I would generate an opposite effect to this sadness, because I was apparently becoming benevolent because I had this feeling of being humble towards the images I was seeing.  I was faced with the horror by it being in my face and thus it could not be denied, so I used humbleness to skate through that 'uncomfortableness' feeling. Thus I could have this feeling of benevolence within me to justify why I was not in fact doing anything to help those that are obviously suffering real pain, but chose to use this feeling for my own self interest in staying within my bubble world and not have to move myself and change myself to thus consider all other life that is here, basically accepting my ego.

Within choosing my ego over the best for all life, I have created and perpetuated the very suffering that is all over the world in which we live. I realize that I would not want to suffer in that way, so why would I accept it in another, this based on my own self interest and using the feelings within to hide my cowardliness to not stand up and stop myself and allow my disregard of the blatant suffering of others. Within my mind reality, I can create the illusion that I am in fact caring because I became humble, but it wasn't real, it was only a feeling that was generated through my thinking and fear of it never happening to me. I used humility as an excuse to allow me to continue living in the mind as self interest, so I can make myself be happy and have nice feelings again.

If one consider the absolute disregard I was participating in of the actual living breathing life suffering and in pain right in front of my eyes and how I so easily disregarded it within my own self and mind because I used a feeling as becoming humble to justify the actions of me not doing anything practically to stop the suffering in this world. By using this feeling that is generated from the mind attached to the word humility towards another I was able to continue to live in my own bubble world where the only person I consider is me, myself, and I and the suffering and death of billions continues to happen every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

Now to re-define this word Humility to make it a real living action within myself and this world, I have to define it within universal terms. This is where the word will be used within the context of what is best for all beings, and thus used in the correction of this world of abuse and ourselves to live the word into a living reality that in fact will make it real for all. This not to support any mind definitions or feelings or emotions attached to the words that is created in ones own mind, but is the physical actual real movement in living this word into life through ones own will and thus will create a place where all can live within the usage of this word and all will be supported equally through the beings that live this word as self one and equal to all other life here.

For humility, the living of this word would be to bring myself here within the breath I live and let go of all the points of ego and self interest desires for me to be seen, heard, impressed upon, or exalted to thus praise myself in the attempt to be more then others. Thus living humility would be to stop all points of my ego to be more as well as to thus stop the polarity play out of seeing myself less. Within stopping the polarity of better and worse, humbleness as humility will emerge as I will consider and thus start to live the living of others, I will in fact become equal with all as I will thus live as the physical. Equality of all is here within this physical reality, so thus to become humble and thus live humility, it is to become physical equal with all life and allow life to become physically equal with you. Thus an embracing of all life will create the humbleness of who we are which is the ending of the ego, and the emergence of the benevolence of the simplest of what it means to live life here in physical reality. Simply being with all equal and one to self and allowing all to live this equal and one to you.

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