Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Re-Defining the Word PROUD to live for All LIfe

Growing up within myself I used the feeling of being proud within a point of compensation for the lack that I felt within myself. To be proud within the system is to become joyful within ones own individual accomplishments or that there of someone close to you that you love or are endeared by such as a child or a best friend. This feeling of proud brings one into a state of euphoria for a moment as we have accomplished something within the feat of what we thought we could not do or that we could not come up with.

Here I will be speaking of the word proud within the context of being proud of myself, so a proudness within oneself. This I can relate to because as a kid I was very proud, but within this proud feeling I would define myself by this, such as an achievement. This was done in a point of self interest as I was always within competition of others around me, one of my favorite things to do was athletics, so I was geared and trained within winning and competing with others, and this is what I did best. When I achieved a success within sports such as dribbling the soccer ball in between two players and passed it to the man in front to score the winning goal, this made me proud. I had succeeded in the winning of the game, and I help create the score of the final point to beat the other team. This caused great praise from all the teammates and the parents alike. So not only was I proud because I beat the other team, but I was also proud with myself because I generated some good feelings within praise and accolades within the members of the team, which boosted my ego and told me ok, I am good here, I am making it here.

Now within this feeling of being proud in this current system, it is based on the ego and the exaltation of the being as the ego within competition and self superiority. The competition we see everywhere, such as what we see within marketing, within entertainment, within religions, within education, I mean competition is what drives our society and our system for that matter, the survival of the fittest. We have to survive thus we have to compete.

Another point is that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to see lack within ourselves, this I am walking within myself as well, I have created this feeling of proudness to thus compensate for the lack I feel that I am not worthy. Thus it becomes a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs of trying to gain this feeling of proudness within myself based on gaining some kind of victory through beating others or creating something that others like, so I can have proof by the outer world that I am cool and I matter because people like me and I have proven by winning that I am better then others thus I gained value within the system. Winning and gaining others approvals currently makes life equaling humanity feel proud to be alive and relieved as they will not be the one who gets fucked by the system, those being the losers.

Being proud within this current system and the current living of it, is within the fear of survival and separation of ourselves into an ego that have to have energy to sustain itself and live, this not enjoyable for anyone if they speak within self honesty. The nice feelings this feeling of proudness generate is only a point of self definition of worthiness thus within the next breath the feeling of depression will be feed as the opposite will always manifest as they feed off each-other as a means of survival, these feelings can not be sustained by themselves so will always require more energy to generate that proud feeling and get away from the negative feeling as depression one has accepted as who they are. This is where the drive to succeed and thus survive another day in the system is sustained and this proudness feeling is but another way to feed ones ego and become more then other beings in this world to really continue surviving. The success will come always with survival as it is a dog eat dog world and to win one must compete, so we have created a false sense of proudness of ourselves within a very limited expression of survival and fear of lose.

Now to re-define the word Proud into a living word best for all, I would start by changing my focus of who I include in living proud, this through allowing all to enjoy or benefit from what every it is I created or did. Seeing life within equality and oneness will then take away any points of need for feeling worthy within myself or fear of not surviving because all that is here is me and thus when this is lived by all life, fear of survival and thus a need to be better within self will cease to exist and being proud will stop being from a point of self interest to feed a feeling created through energy generation.

So within living this way of inclusion of all life and having a sense of pride within oneself would be a release of all points of ego as competition and living from a wholeness of being of acceptance of all here and thus acceptance of myself as life within all that I do. Living within principles of self honesty and self correction always to create the best being I can be so what I create is void of ego and only from the expression of and as myself within the joy of who I am as life. From here what I create or live within my expression is done within the wholeness of the understanding that I will be benefiting all who will come into contact with what ever I do or create and thus I can be proud that I did my best within the consideration of all the life that is here. Thus I have created a universal benefit for all the life within the world I live and this is a living of the word being proud. Being proud of self as self has supported and assisted to the benefit of all life, and thus one can be proud that you have created easement and satisfaction for others as you would like for yourself.

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  1. ...proud to be responsible for all life equally in what is best for all. groovy post Garb!