Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Realizing about Death as A Child

I remember as a kid realizing this point of death, I had heard about it and knew it existed because my friends grandparents or maybe parent or sibling died, so I knew in fact that it was real. I remember thinking to myself 'holy shit' I am going to die one day, I am not going to be alive here in my physical body and be able to do all the fun and cool things that I can do now. Specifically allowing myself to accept this point of death, kind of gave me a shiver within and as the core of my being, because fuck no i didn't want to die.

I never believed much in god or jesus, I didn't much consider death or what would happen after I leave this place because I was not there yet, I was alive. It seemed so unnatural and cruel to have to die and leave this world where all sorts of fun things happened. As a child all we usually focus on is fun, we are quite resilient within bouncing back from suffering or pain in some form be it physical or mental or what ever life may bring.

Now I was quite fortunate because i had a rather healthy childhood, no illnesses or diseases, except the occasional flu or cold, but I was fortunate in I did not have to be in pain throughout my days.  I did consider the suffering of other children, those that I saw sometimes with a bald head and looking very weak within there physical. I did not understand why it was in this world that I was healthy and ok and another child had to get sick and be suffering in this way. What was the point of that, I mean what kind of god allows kids to be born and suffer? It didn't make sense.

I continued on within my life, not really pushing to understand this, as I was constantly told that god had a plan, jesus loves me, we must go to church and not eat meat on fridays during lent,  and all the other catch religious phrases I heard year after year that had no substance to me, it had no relevence, but eventually I woke up and started really investigate this point of what is here and what is really going on within this world. This is where I found desteni. And I realized that all that has been told and believed in has not been the truth, there is countless articles, videos, perspectives, and blogs regarding the statement i just wrote, so suggest to investigate the link and educate yourself within this site and forum.

They just released a new free interview mp3 by a 7 year old boy who died of leukemia (check out this article "there is a cure for cancer" for more perspective on a solution for this dis-ease) and found himself faced with this same realization that something was not right, he was faced with a point of becoming a slave to this idea of god and religion or trusting himself and going to the unknown and what he found there was not what any being could have expected. These interviews are being shared through the inter-dimensional portal (see interview here on what is the inter-dimensional portal) who is a being who can have beings who died talk within her body while she is fully alive and can then move from her body and investigating the dimensions/ 'heaven'. It's quite fascinating all around, so suggest checking the link, and seeing for yourself the potential within what life really is and what humanity has missed, life does not die nor is life undefined or mysterious, it is all here, life is absolute and is within and as all that exist unconditionally supporting to bring us back to ourselves which is the solution to the fuck up in this world, our-SELF.

 If you listened and your looking for more, part three of this series of the History of the portal is here, this one is with a Demon who lived within the earth plane, can't imagine the stuff he experienced and lived through, but again it is quite a story, so check it out and see for yourself.

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