Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Vacation Everyday In an Equal Money System = No More Holy days or Holidays

In Equal Money System there will be no holy days nor holidays as this will be seen as not necessary. Everyday will be an enjoyable day as life will be in freedom based on life being lived in equality in all ways and the best system being created by all based on the realization that this is what all want and this can be done, we can live equal and create a system of equality for all here. Holy days and holidays are done in desperation either to appease a 'god' figure in worship or to have a celebration in the stress filled lives we all lead. Also, to consider those with no resources nor money in this current system will not be able to celebrate these holidays because it takes money to have an enjoyable time to do so, so we are limited within the joy we experience in this life based on the money available, this is unnecessary and cruel to say the least of the human race, we have enough to have all living like millionaires, end wars, end corporate greed, end the greed within self, and we can see this as a living reality all comfortable and in joy based on the basic living dignity of all guaranteed.

These holidays and holy days are done in separation of ourselves to gain some sort of satisfaction within self because we feel that we need these once in a while to get out of the suffering and tough lives most of us live day in and day out. These hard lives are due to the struggle for money and keeping money flowing. Where many do not live any joy within there lives based on the resources being so limited, such as not even able to gain enough to feed themselves and their families, 15,000 children a day starve to death, do they live joy or on holiday, absolutely not, they are suffering and die horrible deaths, this is the reality, this is our way of life, death due to fear, self interest, and greed.

Equal money system will be a base support for all so no one will have to struggle and try to stay afloat nor die due to lack of any resources to remain alive, being stable will be a given freely and unconditional within this system for all equal and one to self because we realize all here is in fact me. There is enough resources and common sense will be used in what is needed to practically sustain life and what can be reformed to be more efficient and 'life-friendly' to the world as our earth which is ever giving. Products that are abusive in any way will be done away with and eradicated if not able to be reformed and lived as support in what is best for all, such as products like Styrofoam. This product is not necessary and only pollutes the earth as it is not able to bio-degrade, we will just discontinue making it and use/invent/reform products to be at the utmost in support of all life that will be substituted for what we used Styrofoam for. This will be the principle for all within this system, building support and sustainability for all life here, eventually all will be in sync within this principle and become balanced. Balance and equilibrium need to be brought back to life for us to continue on this planet and literally for us to stay alive.

Holy-days and holidays will be a thing of the past when equal money system is here because all days will be a celebration as heaven on earth will be here within and as ourselves and the life system we created in what is best for all will be great fun for all, so all will literally be free to do what they enjoy, but always considering the best for all outcome within this equation. Everyday will be like a vacation, where we are able to move about in freedom and create what we like to express in, no more struggle, no more masters, no more slaves, just life equal and one in self support in whats best for all through equality being lived through and as a system. Vacation everyday sounds amazing, support and be a vote for Equal money system, it will be here, we must create it and will it ourselves, you matter so make what you do count = support life in equality.

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