Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Running Amok will end in an Equal Money System

Running amok will end in an equal money system based on the fact that within this system the base foundation is that humans will learn and understand through self application within a process of self realization how to become in control of ourselves as emotions, feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. This eventually the human will be able to become a completely stable being within and as the physical aligned completely here to what is in the present because self is here as the present, like a breath, I am here, I breath continuously and stable, and direct in common sense awareness. Within this stable presence of self here, we will be able to assess and reason in common sense what the best outcome for all is because we are grounded within the physical as the physical so thus can see the physical reality that is actually going on. No more being in the mind as thoughts and emotions raging us along with ups and downs as the nature that is our world we see today. So it's a point of life, as the human, taking responsibility and stopping the addictions and possessions we have to energy and stimulation to get a high to feel better about ourselves. We accept what is here as ourselves, and walk the solution equal and one as the physical.

The key to this realization is the willingness that is understood through practically living what is called the 'process' in desteni, this encompassing tools such as being honest with self, forgiving your past, and changing to live in equality with all instead of in competition as ego. Many things to be learned and understood within what is called the process of self real-i-zation, so this is a commitment of self dedication and self will to understand self completely of 'how I created me?'and re-creating yourself to become a new being in awareness that was not known or understood before. The simplest of truths will be understood and lived completely automatically and in gratefulness as we start to realize who we really are, which is putting yourself in the shoes of another, this the fundamental principle of life, and this is what has been missed within human history for millenia. Stopping the mind and living here in the physical is what is to be realized and walked if one want to see themselves in a system best for all, in a system of equality, this the only way to equality of self as life has to be physically actually walked as self into and as the physical.

This obviously going to take much time for each being, but this is already being walked by Destonians, so suggest checking out the vast material at desteni and what is being written over the net about these subjects and living principles. This process necessary so we are in control of ourselves and able to direct ourselves no matter what the outside influence is, we will realize that the best outcome for all is here and we will walk it as ourselves. This will eventually through your self application of walking your process one will accumulate self trust and be able to walk this within and as a breath without the mind in control. Yes, we can live without the mind directing us.

This single change of treating all life, not only humans, but every being on this planet with as ourselves equal and one in each breath, we will create heaven on earth, we will create a world where craziness and running amok will cease to exist, where we can walk and talk among beings that we trust without fear or judgement because self has stopped and walked out of these mind patterns to the here of all life as the physical.

Those who are more in an extreme case with the self possessions of the mind will be helped, their will be facilitators, buddies, education, trainers, and a group of life beings that will assist and support to walk with those who need more care in terms of there process, no one will be put aside or rejected. But ultimately it is up to each one individually to change, no one can change for you, you must will it for self otherwise it is not real change and thus not possible to walk here. Life is able to live in peace and harmony through the principles lived of equality and oneness just as it is being lived in the opposite with complete possession and amok activity all over the place we see currently. It's time for humanity to take responsibility for ourselves and each one as well be responsible for who they are and how they live, stopping the possession as our mind creations, and walking the process to align with what is here, life as the physical reality equal and one. Equal money system is a place where this will be in sync with these principles and the process being walked, so suggest support this system of equality if you would like to see a world where heaven on earth is possible and for real being walked. Thanks.

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