Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 No more Lostness in an Equal Money System

In an equal money system, lostness of self will be transcended and practically speaking will be no more because one will walk from this lostness one feels within the confines of the mind to life here in REALity where all is known because all is here as you. Life will become trustworthy as each one stand up within self in self honesty and become the living statement of self trust as we live this. When life is able to be trusted, life will become safe and familiar, people will be able to see solutions within what is here to be done and not live within fear and self interest to gain out of survival. This through the desteni process being walked, you will be able to walk out of the illusion of the mind as thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and ideas that are not in fact real because they are not here able to be touched and seen, and walk within and as the physical, simplistic living within the physical reality walking as a physical being in practical common sense for what is best for all and be able to be trusted with whatever it is that you do because you live in self honesty and self forgiveness and have proven through time that you can change and become a being that indeed can be trusted.

In an equal money system, we will facilitate inclusion and unity as what is here as all life because we will be able to trust ourselves and others to do what is best for all, so it's a point of realizing and living this realization that all are here and becoming the living statement as self trust, which is gained through walking yourself from your mind reality to the physical reality here as breath. When self trust is lived and walked as self as a group living for what is best for all in all ways life will become balanced and the possibilities are unconditionally open to develop and establish a true system that will resemble heaven on earth. Trust is what is missing in this current reality and this is what is needed to be learned and understood if we ever want to see a world where we are comfortable and free. Within the equality principle in this system, life will be given freely so they will be no need nor worry. This will be the foundation of equal money system, life here for all to enjoy in equality and unity, lostness being only accepted and allowed if you desire this within yourself as you accept the mind to direct, the choose is up to each one, this to move self out of the lostness of the mind to the physical here as a breath or remain a slave to your fears and thoughts as the illusion within and as the mind of humanity.

For more support in understanding self as life one and equal:

Bernard Poolman - Equal Through Substance

Also, be  part of the store where you can buy and sell Desteni products to support and assist all within and as the walk to self realization to equality in living.

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