Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 When Equal Money is Here.....Taxation will be No More!

The US has been downgraded from a triple A credit score rating to double A. This the first time in history that the US has not been at the top of the credit rating system, a big blow for those who care? Does anyone really care as these credit scores are not going to change anything, but cause more strain on the people that pay the taxes and don't have extra money to be comfortable with. They are saying the interest rates will go up, and taxes federally and state wide will increase to thus pay for the debt the country is bloated with. On the Kaiser Report show, they where discussing that the banks are planning on creating a global economy to have control of the worldwide economy, and then we will be taxed a global tax. Lol, this is quite extreme, getting taxed to death, based on the power we have given to money and commodities as consumer goods.

I was looking at the tax system and how this will change in equal money. First, I can not fully understand the tax system currently, I am not sure anyone can  even those that wrote it, lol, it's massive and has numerous loopholes, advantages, disadvantages, ect. In an equal money system, the money will be transparent and simplified for all to understand, only based on commerce purposes not to gain for profit. So all will be equal within understanding of what and how much things are based on the understanding that that is best for all. A practical way to get goods and services based on the expression of living life for life and caring for all to have equal opportunity to all that is here. In the end, all that is here is myself so it is enjoying ourselves as a living system. This in no way will be taken advantage of because everything will be available for all to enjoy, money only making it a way to get to that equal point.

Second, when equal money is here, tax will be no more meaning we will not be taxed for everything and anything that can be dreamt up. We will walk within the physical realm meaning if one do a service then one will gain what is agreed upon for that service. This done within flat rates where there is a known and constant amount given to a good or service and stays that way until agreed upon by all to change. No hidden fees or taxes, all will be known, all will be clear, and most importantly all will be fair. Also, only the best will be made in everything, so branding will end, as that is only done to make the most profit, and as been said profit along with taxes will end in an equal money system. Sign me up please!

We can live in a way where we create a system that is fair and honors all by impulsing equality and oneness throughout the world. That is what destonains are doing on the net and in their individual worlds, impulsing what is best for all, because thru this people obviously see and learn a new way thru example, true revolution that is peaceful and solvent, and thus equality grows and expands. We must walk the example of equality as ourselves if we want to see an economic system that respect life equal and one to money, and also an end to the taxation pit we all wish would just go away. Lets face what is here, and live the change for whats best for all. Support equal money system links on the left -> cheers.

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