Monday, October 15, 2012

Knowledge Is Power?

 When one say that knowledge is power, it is suppose to be a form of self encouragement and empowerment for the receiver of this knowledge to gain understanding and thus enhance ones intellect within this world. But within this there are two points that have been missed that would drastically alter this claim to be practical and real for the human race, to become that which is better then before.

Firstly when knowledge is received, learned, and understood by a person, then this will enhance ones ability to greater understand ones environment and be able to discern from fact and fiction. But when one collect knowledge say within a years worth of studying at a university and not practically apply it within one’s life and thus within the system one is living from, then that knowledge becomes useless as it is not being practiced within one’s living and thus becomes part of the lost potential within oneself that could have been. The best way to apply this is to create ways to live the knowledge in ones life and thus use the knowledge to help those around you as well as yourself.

Secondly, the idea that knowledge is power is used within a way to not apply it for all but use it to better oneself in spite of the outflow consequences it will have on others, because ‘hey, if I have accessed this knowledge, then I own it, I can use it at my disposal’. Within this idea of knowledge being a commodity, this has created the secrecy within this current world system, those who have the knowledge are the one’s in power, but is this power best for all, obviously not as we see with this current society of suffering. This manipulation of knowledge breeds fear as withholding certain knowledge is only done within a point of self interest, because if self have a look, all knowledge should be available to all to learn and grow from, if one hoard it in secret then one is deceptive. There is no reason any knowledge should be withheld only for  a few, secrecy breeds self deception and abuse. Consider the current leadership in this world, in our government system there is a confidentiality code, unclassified, classified, top secret, and what’s behind these secret agendas, they will claim it’s for our protection and security, but who is the one benefiting from these secret wheeling and dealing, the elite, they make money and lots of it by holding knowledge that is critical for all to understand and thus discern for self if it’s practical and best for all.

So knowledge is power when all life benefit and thus empower all that is able to apply it freely, freely meaning it is given for all for free. The knowledge that is secret and not shared for all is done in self interest and profit is always behind this, motivated by fear, and used to disempower life for the benefit of a few to make a few bucks. To manipulate with knowledge is a crime against humanity and life, and thus will be treated as such when life as each one is held accountable for the knowledge they accepted and allowed, which will eventually happen here or the hereafter. There is no purpose for secrets, but to be deceptive. So consider what is being said, and use knowledge with care, to be used for the betterment of all life and a world that is worth living in. Knowledge is power, but only if all benefit equally from it and are able to live it.


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