Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Re-Defining the Word RESPECT to be Lived Best for All


Within and during my life I have used the word respect as a means of reverence and placement with others in my world, such as elders, I would see to respect them as they have been through more life experiences than me and thus if I pay them respect, I can be taught and learn how to navigate myself through this world as they have learned and experienced. So here from a point of self interest to get something out of the respect such as tools for me to know how to live and navigate myself in this world. We hear this allot within this world, 'we have to respect our elders', but in all honesty how many of us actually do. Another way is I would see elderly within fear and pity as they can do hardly anything anymore and are on their way out meaning close to death, which I feared as it was unknown. But within this point of respecting the elderly, it was more a society norm that I would conform to when in public and around authoritative figures, so I would not get in trouble and be seen as disrespectful. When I was caught as being disrespectful I would get in trouble with my parents, so it avoid this consequences of getting myself in trouble.

Also, I would give these people respect who have done something high in achievement such as run a marathon or become president, but this was all in a kind of wonderment and awe as I didn't see myself equal to them, but them more then me as I compared myself to them and never saw myself able to do what they had done, so seeing myself in inferiority. This point goes along with fear as I would be in fear of them and thus respect them to show that I am submitting to them or trying to please them for them to see me as more acceptable.

All the points of respect where created and lived within myself based on someone either threatening me to be in trouble or fear, so in separation of life as a point of escapism to not have to face what is here within the actual equality and oneness of the situation so being respectful towards another because I believed I was not equal to them and within the energies of fear, this respect was generated for my own self interest and my apparent need to survive with others. This is not real respect as it is just done and created for my own self survival to gain something from the other, and not actually living respect in what that implies in all facets of life within and as another, but separating myself as the action of respect towards another so I can be safe and get an outcome I want.

Here I will redefine the word Respect for all as me to live and breath within and as each moment, the word respect is lived as a respect for all life within and as each being as the life that is within self, respecting life as self as you recognize and honor self within and as all beings in each breath that is here because we as who we are recognize the gift of who we are as life here within and as the opportunity we have to create ourselves in this expression of oneness and equality in what ever emerges for what is best for all. The respect for all life and living this within and as ourselves in oneness and equality at this moment is a process for each one, but when and as we have birthed ourselves as life within and as the physical and manifest the living statement of ourselves as physical respect as ourselves as life in oneness and equality with all that exist, we will create a world that we will be free. This freedom within and as respect for and as ourselves and honoring ourselves as life is the giving ourselves the opportunity to live in true joy and expression as we create a world that is in respect of of everything that is here because we live respect within and as each one of ourselves as we live 'I am here'.

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